Cameron's Gov. sets the british MPs free from international law's entanglement and it's damningly right.

Cameron scrapped the immoral international human rights act from the ministers’s code of behaviour and hopefully will be the first government that puts morality to a superior level than the immoral bunch of rules and lies sold as human rights by the evil people running the High Court of Human Rights.
I must admit, that I just cherish this measure: it’s the false human rights that put back on the streets the rapists because maybe, there are chances they come from Syria, not 100% sure, but maybe…the “human rights” of the paedophiles convicted for a while and then sent back to work with minors, the human rights of  teachers who sexually assaulted pupils and then had the right of privacy so they get other jobs in schools, and finally the human rights of clandestine immigrants to sell themselves as refugees. Those “yuman rites” the way a Daily Mail journalist once called them. And Cameron is right to scrap them. Obviously a human rights independent watcher cries scandal, but they are the same old leftists in bad faith who call human right the dirt and think people don’t understand.
I sometimes support the tories, this time is the case, David Cameron is trying to rescue Britain, and I tell him and all british tories and right wingers and also the honest leftists: look at what Yanis Varoufakis said in this interview with the Guardian, he said he wants Britain to stay int the EU bla bla… but the EU is a place that, like the sausages, if you know what’s in, you don’t touch it  – in his own words – then said it’s totally undemocratic, ministers at the eurogroup are the ones who talk less, the ones who talk first are
  1. The president of the commission.
  2. The president of the BCE.
  3. The president of the IMF – who’s not even inside the European Union.
Then he said that it is prohibited to do the briefing, that he was treated like a traitor because he wanted to tell the citizens what was being discussed and who proposed which solution because this would cause a parliamentary debate and a civil discussion, parliamentary debate and civil discussion that the commission, the IMF (that has nothing to do with Europe strictly) and the BCE oppose, but he wants Britain to stay in because he hopes one day may be democratic (??) and because otherwise the racist, nationalist and bigots – I think he means the right wingers – win.

I would like you to listen to this interview, because it is the proven evidence that we are right and the leftists who want to stay in the EU they do it merely to contradict us. He didn’t name the problem of immigration, as usual from a leftist, but he said some true things about how horrendous and tricky the EU is and I don’t know why people should stay. Moreover Yanis said that the IMF and EU people are not men of honour, they tell you things, shake your hands but then …do other things and I suspect also Cameron doesn’t trust them if he wants the UN in the middle to be granted that he gets the new deal, which he want to stay in. Uselessly, it’s better to exit. Britain would be more prosperous and would be able to control the list of human rights (obviously it must un-sign from the High Court of Strasbourg too) and finally, definitely, control the borders and immigration.
Yanis Varoufakis thinks the EU can be saved, I think they are reptilians: reptilians cannot be saved.