EU: don't eat meat, eat insects. Why exit, Brexit, Ixit, Allxt. Is there another reason needed? What do you want as a reason to leave that Juncker shoots you?

I like it when they try to convince you of the pros of staying in the EU; now the pros should be that in Brussels they still would have power over the countries, but if you're out you can't decide. Wrong.

In reality the ones who want to keep us under the EU control are all masons, no matter if they, sometimes , pretend to quarrel and disagree with one another, they're all chums.
Given that a country can always trade separatedly with Germany, Austria - if Austria stays in of course which, due to the late "evolution" into a nightmare of the so called refugees crisis, I doubt, because Austria used to be like Switzerland: either legal, or a kick in your ass - well the power of Brussels is the economic powers of the member states, more powerful member states step out, less power Brussels will have and the stepped out countries can trade with one another without Brussels in the middle.

Brussels, which is the kingdom of the lobbies, where the lobbists, hundreds someone says thousands of lobbists knock at the door of the eurocrats to bribe them on behalf of the corporation they represent, well it has become, they say, worse than in Washington. And in Washington they know what lobbists do.

The lobbists of the crazy-ecologist and bad-food corporations have managed to make the authority on food declare steak and ham unhealthy and insects healthy. This means they can buy anything.

Do you believe it? No, of course. Neither do I. Moreover, it's not the meat pumped with hormones that's declared unhealthy, that is really unhealthy, it's meat tout court, even the biologic one, declared such, while the meat pumped with hormones they want to legalize it, secretly with the TTIP. Did you sign the petition to prevent the TTIP? If no, Sign it here. Even if that good swede of Cecilia Malstrom said she doesn't care about us, and we don't give a damn about her, she does not represent us and cannot decide for us. Everything they are doing is illegal and secret.

Reason to quit the EU and go back nations who trade with one another without over-national masonic power controlling it:

Immigration: the EU commission voluntarily praise and help the pro-immigration parties and politicians trying to disqualify the anti-immigration - mass immigration not normal immigration - ones.OrbanJuncker

Economy: Cyprus and Greece collapsed.

Democracy: In Spain they prevented the winning anti-austerity, lefty parties rule the country after these honestly and democratically won the elections.

Transparency: everything they say must be secret until they "communicate" to us what they decided. We don't know who takes decisions.

Honesty: they are bribed by any corporations, but if they are reptilians is better.

Health and food: they don't want us to eat roast beef, but want to give us insects.

I mean, which are the pros in staying in the EU? given all these againsts? Should Juncker go around Europe shooting people to convince you they are bad?

Oh, I had forgotten, they sympathize for the LGBT lobby and a propos, if the LGBT people make no children it's not our fault, it's their "celebrated" homosexuality's fault, because homosexuality is a biological/psychological error and society mustn't give the LGBT just any children.