God's wrath seems to be over Europe; Fasten to make things right.

Invasion of immigrants, institutions in the hands of masons and traitors, christians who have to write "I support gay weddings" on a cake against their will or they get fined. What's happening in Europe? These, particularly the invasion of immigrants, 95% aggressive men that the masons' controlled media want to paint as poor victims, are signs that God hates Europe.

As christians we've always been a bit of a mess, but lately the europeans have started breaking, under the pressure of freemasonry, clearly the direct Commandments of the Lord, who, probably, is sick with us and our feeling of being the favourites of God's children only because we give a bit of money to the poor.

Here are the actions that, according to the Bible, dis-enchain God's wrath against any people who do them - and Jesus Christ does not abolish the Law, no matter what pope Francis says or wants to make believe - :
  1. Torturing prisoners. Torture, according to theologicians and, yes, exorcists, cause demonic presence. The americans have tortured prisoners.
  2. Abortions and experiments on human embryos. Being human beings, no matter what the feminists say, also killing and torturing unborn babies (late term abortion is a cruel practice during which the baby, already 6 months old inside the womb is, as a matter of fact, tortured to be killed, because it is too big and has got already bones that get broken and functioning organs) also abortions cause demonic presence.
  3. Gay sex, normalization of sodomy is condemned definitely. Jesus Christ says not to judge and in fact we cannot judge homosexuals, but we mustn't promote gay behaviour and try to normalize it, gays have only the right not to be bullied or discriminated against at work, but in no way society must provide them babies, that would be moreover detached from the mother if they are given to two men or the father if they are adopted by the lesbian lover of the mother. The surrogate mother's practice and sperm donation must be abolished tout court.
  4. Sunday work; this breaks directly the commandment about the saturday off written directly by the Lord, God wants all people, rich and poor, owners and servants to have the very same day of rest. Only the emergency room and the security patrolling of the police should run on sunday: no office jobs, or trading or anything that's set per appointment, also inside the hospitals, and don't say people would die on sunday, the emergency room would be running, the majority of the surgery operations are set per appointment, are not emergency operations. Only the basic things for security should be running on sunday.
  5. Scandalizing children with inappropriate sex education, that in fact, has pushed many kids into promiscuous behaviour. There's no reason why sex education should start before 14 years old or in certain cases of ethnicities where girls develop sexually before the average northern european girl, maximum at 12. But I would set 14 for everyone and keep the age of consent at 16.
  6. The gender. This is the final stage of this very rotten culture.

  7. People have to admit that the europeans and many americans have attracted God's wrath according to any honest interpretation of the Bible. New Testament included. Either the "christian" nations included Holland, drop these things or they collapse.

    Other than dropping these things the europeans, the americans and everybody who want a bit of blessing from God can fasten bread and water twice per week, never on sunday or on a holy fest as an atonement and to attract God's blessings. Offer the fastening to God according to his own will.

    Freemasonry must be got rid of; it pushed coldly the europeans and the americans to break God's Laws. I pray and I wish you to pray that everybody who doesn't like what freemasonry and the illuminati have been doing, does not recognize any authority to any mason of person involved with these illuminati projects.

    For Jesus Christ Our Lord.