I must defend Osborne. I'm glad he's against the UN. And the UN is wrong again.

Cannibalism in Africa; Sweden the second state for rape cases in the world after Lesotho; Saudi Arabia flogs bloggers and the UN human rights commission - I hate the word commission - is making an enquiry into the Tory Government welfare's cuts.
Because they are ideological. 

Well, they are cultural, because Tory Minister Duncan Smith and Chancellor Osborne want the able bodied - that is the healthy ones - to be pushed into the workforce and not to indulge into the welfare state.

It's right wing. Tories gave up being right wing my way when they legalized gay weddings, but about the welfare they are very meritocratic and try to push people into getting a job. Osborne, to be in peace with his conscience, raised the minimum wage for the basic positions so, people who find a job, any honest job, would get a good wage. What does make the UN think they can really interfere with economic policies?

My impression is that the giant masonic institutions, EU and UN, want to make it illegal to be right wing - because it makes the state strong, economically and humanly- whether it be for the refugees, immigrants, or even economic policies: they don't touch the arabs, only and I say only, because they are scared of the muslims' violent reaction, it's untrue that they "respect" muslims or are muslims, they are just scared.

The supposed fatherland of feminism, Sweden, is plagued by rapes, and the UN doesn't say anything because it's the majority muslim men against scandinavian women. The king doesn't care, the lefty government too. They send letters to the police to tell them to shut up. In the supposed capital of feminism. In Oslo, 100% of the rapes in the last year were perpetrated by asylum seekers and the lefty mafia still thinks about antiracism and racism and the punishment for the culprits is too light. What's wrong? It is wrong that right wingers wait for the leftists, the king, the television speakers to change their mind and say "yes, you're right, we change". 
This is wrong: they believe the leftists and the scandinavian controlled media are in good faith. The hope that the king at least, is in good faith, is their last chance to "save" the country as it is. Otherwise they should do a revolution. And they wait.

No, they're not in good faith. Also at the UN they're not in good faith, also at the EU and Soros and the masons etc.
People in good faith don't lie.

Let's go back to Osborne, I believe tax credit are a grammar mistake: taxes are given, they're not taken by the citizens unless there was a mistake and you paid more than the due, then the state must give you back the sum wrongly paid. You earn money, then pay a little taxes to the state. With tax credits it's impossible to have an economic system in active, in plus, and is it necessary to have eleven, nine, children? To have abortions paid by the state? Why should people pay for other people's sexual behaviour?
The migrants, the single mothers with plenty of children, the abortions, the money given away for the EU and UN commissioners to say utter nonsense... if Britain unlocked itself from everything, unsigned from it, from the UN, EU Strasbourg's Court, people would go after the Briton and leave alone these atheist, soulless giants. Caesar is not there.