Mass Immigration as a weapon to disintegrate Europe and finally build the NWO. The EU commissioners are traitors of Europe on behalf of the UN.

First of all, watch this video.

I want you to watch the video because you must know it.

They are destroying us because they don't want Europe, they want the NWO.
The EU commissioners are traitors of Europe and work on behalf of the NWO to destroy Europe and to create a one UN government. This is why the Briton must vote Brexit.
Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron arrives to pose for a family photo during a European Union leaders summit in Brussels April 23, 2015. European Union leaders who decided last year to halt the rescue of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean will reverse their decision on Thursday at a summit hastily convened after nearly 2,000 people died at sea. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir
Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron

Brexit will de-empower the evil ones and there will be at least one strong nation with definite boundary lines, other nations may follow. Theresa May is a good politician,Renzi, Merkel and the swedish leftists are all traitors on behalf of the UN, not even of the EU, the EU was meant just as a transition.

Assad makes the NWO weakened because if Assad resists, Syria will resist and there will be another strong nation in the middle east, they talk about human rights, in reality they want to make Syria end up like Libya, they want Syria to disintegrate, not to exist anymore.

Russia makes them weaker.

To be against taking in refugees and clandestine immigrants makes them weaker. This doesn't mean we mustn't help the poor in Africa and Asia, we don't want them in Europe just not to destabilize European nations. In Germany is already chaos: these people must be sent away to where they came from, only children not accompanied by parents must be protected, the adult males can be repatriated.

Look at this other video, Lindsay Graham wants the USA to be used against Assad without any reason: Assad is not even remotely a threat to the americans and he's certainly not the butcher this liar who wants the USA to finance ISIS, wants people to believe, if he were true,the USA should topple a lot of their "best friends" around the world because they are real butchers. But why the Defense Secretary doesn't answer: "We don't topple Assad because Assad is not a threat to the american security and because you are just a liar"? What does make him shy, when he knows he's right not to topple the man in Damascus so Syria doesn't get disintegrated?

We can help the poor outside Europe without allowing the muslims and foreigners with very different cultures destroy Europe from the inside, but I want every single european and american to know that the refugees are not our principal enemy, the principal enemies are white: they are the masons; if skinheads and far right wingers had a brain inside their lucid heads they wouldn't burn asylum seekers camps and centers, they would burn another kind of places where these white traitors are disturbingly planning our collapse.

Other choices and things that do weaken the NWO and are against the "plan of the Beast" are:
To be against abortion and experiments on human embryos;

To be against gay weddings, gay adoptions and promotion of gay culture without bulling or marginalize gays elsewhere;

To be against the pornification of pop culture that brings many girls to do dangerous things and boys to want things that won't be given probably and support decency and marriage instead;

To be against the gender anthropology and any attempt to lower the age of consent;

To be against working on sundays and during the holy days if not for security reasons and strict necessities;

To be against euthanesia and assisted dying;

Do never renegade Jesus Christ "because there are the muslims".

The not-to-do things above, with the addition of the return to bigotry - which is the sin on the opposite side - attract God's wrath according to pretty much any realistically honest interpretation of the Bible.

Fasten eating only bread and drinking only water two days per week, not on sundays and on holy fests, can be offered to the Lord according to His will both as an atonement of the sins and to obtain graces.

Remember that freemasonry at high level is full of satanic priests who know all these things very well and that they support atheist intellectuals to mock believers because believers resist more to their plan, in reality the atheist leftists who mock religion are just a tool of the satanic superior level. Even if they don't know it.