First of all, sign to prevent the TTIP that enslaves your Country towards the corporations, Israel and Russia, Putin and Netanyahu, are not signing it, think about it, if it were something good they would. I give you the link, you love humanity and sign, I have already done it:

Now, to save Europe we must break down the European Union and un-sign from the High Court of Strasbourg, then we must re-write the chart of the human rights and rebuild clean international relationships. It would be good to start the talks about the new human rights, that would not include the LGBT agenda, and the new international relationships, possibly with Israel and Russia included in the net, before making the actual EU definitely crash down.
Portugal is on the way of Greece, the anti-euro party was expelled from the chamber of power, the guardian and the pro EU people openly criticize Democracy and defend the interests of the EU and the corporations, while still keeping silent about the TTIP.
This is an astonishing declaration of dismissal of the democratic state taken from this horrible article in the Guardian: “The Sweden Democrats are a genuinely reactionary party. They want their country, and indeed the world, to be the way it seemed in the 1980s, before globalisation swept much of the social democratic state away, and washed in hundreds of thousands of dark-skinned foreigners. Their social and economic policies are an incoherent mess but their one political demand is clear: a massive and permanent cut in refugee immigration, to levels almost as low as British policy allows under this government.” Yes, I also want to go back to the happy, liberal Europe we had in the eighties and many europeans and americans want this. We were much happier. Also in Greece they were much happier.
But Grexit wasn’t possible because the Greek were scared of isolation, poverty is still there, if Britain exits it will exit from a position of power, not of weakness. The EU commission would lose the money of the Britons with which they play the grandees at other people expenses, they would have no money to help Portugal unless Germany pays the entire bill, the german should refuse, the number of poor indebted countries would outdo the rich ones and all the system would go in debt.
But what can stop or prevent Brexit? I tell you: the fear of isolation, this is why the talks about the next net of international relationship must start before Brexit takes place so there wouldn’t be any vacuum, the EU would be substituted by the new european-israeli-russian “just trade” relationship, just trade, the way the British want, without political interferences, and the new short and clear, not infinitely interpretable, list of human rights, with no endless rights for immigrants and criminals and any gay claim in the middle, would substitute the actual Strasbourg’s infinite and extreme lefty list of pro-criminal human rights. So there would be a shift not a “break” towards a new system.
The new system must be meritocratic not endlessly welfarist and give the national parliaments back the priority for the love of democracy.