Viktor Orban puts himself directly against George Soros and accuses: "You are smuggling people to Europe to weaken Nations!"

The courage of Orban never ends.

After unfriending the IMF on Facebook, now he puts himself against the mafia boss of freemasonry: George
Accusing him of smuggling people to Europe.

Straight talks: Orban accuses George Soros personally of financing through his Open Society Foundation all the movements that illegally smuggle people to Europe and accuses him of doing it precisely to weaken Europe. Soros is obsessive with the idea that Europe mustn't be christian: he hates us and pays with his own money and unfortunately also with state's money through his corrupted politicians all the globalists no borders groups and he's directly behind the mass invasion of people from Africa and Asia to Europe.

Soros should be sued for corrupting politicians and promoting and  supporting illegal immigration.

And if the EU were something related to european values Orban should be President and not the wicked Juncker.
Let's tell the truth, the EU, if it were right wing, would be a super power, christian and probably mainly white, this is what Soros and his reptilian fellows don't wish: they are trying to destroy Europe through Islam and mass invasion of culturally non western foreigners because they don't want a christian western superpower in the middle of their wicked plans.
I know masons are, but maybe they'll change their mind and will come to their senses, in Soros' army, but all the others are in Viktor's one. Me and you too.

Go and take back Europe. Viktor & Co.