Can someone tell Cameron, Hollande and Obama that if they bomb Syria without Assad's permission they are invaders?

I don't like all this. The worst is Cameron always talking about "our values" their values of invading sovereign states probably. They may not like Assad, but this doesn't make Assad illegal and their bombing legal, they say ISIS but in reality they have a cold plan to dismember Syria into at least 5 mini-states across tribal ethnic lines. This means Syria will be less modern, no powerful at all and that Cameron, Mr. Values, is as a matter of fact a foreign invader who wants to destroy a state. Also Obama, also Hollande and everybody who bombs syrian territory without Assad's permission. This is an invasion, they are enemies of the State of Syria. It's like bombing the UK to get rid of Queen Elizabeth and destroying the UK in three or five ethnic regions. Why they understand it when it is about themselves and don't understand it when it is the same thing about the others?
And the UN? Nothing, the UN justifies tough actions against ISIL/ISIS whatever the name but at the UN know that Assad is a legitimate authority and if there is something serious or honest still in that organization they cannot give the american, french and british the right to overthrow Assad's government because Assad didn't set up ISIL, he's against the terrorists, it's Turkey and the CIA that are accused of feeding and helping anti-Assad terrorists in the region.
As for ISIS, stop taking muslim foreigners to settle to Europe, dis-mantel the mosques, repatriate non integrated people, what can a muslim or a christian in Syria do to you? It's Greece that allows everybody in, it's Turkey that sends everybody to Greece, with Italy smuggling people from the other side.
I am italian, but may I tell you quite clearly that if Italy and Greece weren't in condition to respect the Dublin Treaty then they shouldn't have signed it?
That the EU system without Dublin Treaty is over, totally over because there is a continuous invasion from east and south? That without Dublin there's no EU at all? And I must rather maliciously notice that when Italy and Greece were independent nations they magically could make the borders be respected because they had to keep in Greece and Italy all the illegal immigrants, now that they think "there's Europe" they behave as if they were uncapable because they want to let these people pass onto the continental and northern states.  I'm saying that if they had to keep them in Italy and Greece they wouldn't let them in.
Would you accept the southern coastline states in the EU if they had told you "The Dublin Treaty is too difficult for us, we cannot protect the borders, a lot of immigrants will come to you"? No. Also Belgium must hold a referendum to exit the EU. In reality Greece and Italy must be expelled for economic and tactic failures. The globalists like Federica Mogherini or the italian President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella said the immigration crisis shows the states failed and there must be more EU: they lie like Judas to Jesus Christ, the EU failed because of Italy and Greece and the national states used to work like a clockwork, not like a clockwork orange, these masons, smooth people, even said the EU needs crisis to take power, believe me they did it on purpose, because when Italy was a nation we didn't allow all these foreigners in  and even have to pay for them. They know how to protect the borders they are really not doing it for globalist reasons.
Elegantly, the continental, northern states will exit not to say the southern coastline states must exit for ineptitude or betrayal, they, the southern globalists, say this invasion will go on, it means they have no intention to block it, that whore of Mogherini wants to ask the USA help to do what? to fight against the human traffickers, I mean, do you believe this? They, Mogherini, Renzi, the greek and turkish governments are bringing these people in: they are the human traffickers. Italy and Greece must exit the EU or the continental states must do the logging out themselves. Otherwise they'll always have ISIS fighters come and go from Syria, Turkey, Morocco etc. And while the honest government of Morocco will help them the italian and the greek won't.