Corbyn, save Britain and impose to Labour MPs not to allow war on Assad. Israel and USA will lose WWIII, keep the UK out of it.

the Labour MPs who want to bomb Syria, not ISIL, because their real aim is to bomb Syria and destroy Syria as a State as I explained on this website, they are the same MPs who destroyed the Labour party, you weren't elected by the people of Britain to let them do imperialist politics like Blair and Cameron, imperialist not even on behalf of Britain, but on behalf of Israel, the Rothschild Bank and Turkey.
"Right or wrong, it's my Country"?
No, it's Turkey, it's not my Country.
It's Israel, and I'm not an israeli.
Don't be fooled by these easy war mongers, because military experts have warned that Russia allied with China would win WWIII.
After years of cuts to the defence budget, with a couple of tornados to play the hard men and with Turkey, a mafia country that deals with the same ISIS it pretends to fight against, shooting russian jets down to protect the illegal oil trading of the son of the turkish President and Rothschild israeli bankers, and the syrian inexistent moderate rebels chanting Allahu Akbar on dead russian pilots, well Putin may bomb UK, Germany, if it joins, and some people say even the USA and in the end Israel, the little false country of liars and double gamers. It's Assad who's right. Boris Johnson and Cameron are liars, and they lie on behalf of judas, they even say Assad trades oil with daesh, while it's Erdogan and their boss Rothschild that trades oil with daesh .
They don't disobey to Rothschild, they are minions, you are not.
Tell the Labour MPs who want to serve Rothschild they are in the wrong party. Chuka Ummuna is just a posh black man who likes those super-expensive night clubs  in London where the only real labour party supporter is the boy at the bar, these people if they want to stay in the party of the workers they must obey to the workers. Save your country and don't give them the free vote. They have damaged Labour enough.
This "recreational bombing" of middle eastern countries must end.
Paola Distilo