Do you realize what's happening in La Valletta-Malta? The EU "leaders" are selling Europe to the africans. Please put an end to this.

I am astonished, I've just read an article on about the Malta-La Valletta summit on immigration among african leaders and european "leaders" and this is the result: more legal immigrants but without the right of compulsory repatriation of the illegals and for this they even want us europeans to pay the africans?

Exit, exit, please I beg you.

So, according to these monsters, we europeans won't have the right to repatriate the illegal immigrants who do not agree about being repatriated, we won't have the right to impose the african country that doesn't wish them to take them back, we'll have to open new channels of legal immigration and , I don't know why, for this, we should pay the africans. Why?
Like this we would have more immigrants, the legal ones and the illegals who refuse repatriation.

Crash down this EU, let's go back nations and stop: they can't come illegally, we haven't got to pay anyone to take back their citizens who go around without passport, Europe, like this is fucked. It's automatic.

Will Cameron say: "Ok, I exit from this mess?" I hope so. In Renzi and Mogherini there's no hope, they like the pro-african pro-more immigrants plan, they belong to the italian former communist party, if they can destroy the state, they are happy. But a pious soul must make this thing crash down. I am begging the right-wingers of Europe to stand up and stop this. Or else exit the EU all together, UK, Denmark, Hungary all the right-wing ruled countries must make this plan fall. And then we exit completely. And make a right-wing league of countries tough on illegal immigration.

I know it's frontex' fault, they have to stop picking up the immigrants, with this plan it is impossible to repatriate them, can't you see it?

I envy the british, at least by june they can be out of here. Do it. I love you, keep the Queen if you like it and remember me. I did my part.


Remember to un-sign from the High Court of Strasbourg too and repatriate whom you like. For Italy I'm afraid I'll have to call an exorcist. And I have another thought, it's the people who give the money that have more power not the ones who receive it, the thing to do would be the opposite of what they are doing: I don't give you any foreign aid if you don't take back all the illegals I send back to you. Not paying them to have permission to repatriate the illegals, if they like. Come on, who excogitated this?