EU, in the person of Juncker, doesn't want to stop taking in immigrants, Nations work better, faster and are more efficient than EU. EU is only an impediment.

The EU is an impediment. In Turkey at the G20 also Juncker went and he's supporting the idea we must go on taking "refugees" they have nothing to do with the attacks and so on.
I don't know if the refugees have to do or not with the attacks, I just know Greece is behaving like an inexistent state that leaves everybody in, like Italy, unidentified and the number is growing monstruosily. This is not safe and Cazeneuve has got any right to protect the french as a nation, because the Nation is, in comparison to the EU, like a lion in comparison to a pachiderm, swift, aggressive, knows what it wants, does its own interests and does it well. Then it helps the poor and gives a lot of money in foreign aid, but it's something intrinsecally right wing, full with patriots and that's the way I like it.
The EU does the interests of the foreigners and the corporations, it's like a fat monk that asks you money for the poor and to take in refugees even if they rape your daughters and then keeps quite a bit of the money to help the poor for himself and his convent.
What's better? The lion is.
Cazeneuve, resist and do the french interests, you'll have time to help the foreigners after you've protected your own citizens.
I'm not french, I'm italian, I'm saying what I'm saying because I feel tricked and betrayed by the EU.
The EU suffocated our economic interests and does only third-worldist politics: Not me, Paola Distilo, but Francois Holland President of the french Republic asked the removal of the russian embargo for the sake of french, and also italian and other european producers and farmers, and was told "no". Now they labelled the israeli products helping the boycott Israel movement without labelling and boycotting any arab product and btw trading with India where little girls only 12 years old are given in marriage to grown up men, and this is legalized paedophilia; can you remember the way you felt at twelve? It's hard enough for a grown up woman to be "given" in forced marriage for a little girl is even a bigger more cruel crime. But they label Israel, while the arabs, Turkey, the indian they are deemed "good". Putin is a man, and I daresay a man of honour, he has a grown up sexy girlfriend, doesn't touch 12 year old children and we are enduring against our will and our values an embargo against Russia, this is immoral and unjustifiable. The EU is an impediment: it doesn't make us stronger, it make us weaker.
Now they, the fat monks want to go on taking refugees, the quick lions don't. We must get rid of Juncker, go back nations and reconnect. We'll meet again, not in Brussels and without commission and make a trading league of independent nations. We'll make it better than the EU. More similar to us and less similar to freemasonry. 
In Denmark they are happy to have voted a right wing government that's protecting them from the invasion, a swedish girl said on internet "After this, I want the Danes the conquer Sweden again." 
You see? Vote Right-wing and you'll be happy. And people will say they want you to conquer them.
Come on, be serious, close the greek and the italian borders. Identify everyone, expel the ones you have to expel and then we must reset all Europe again, not to miss quickness and identity. A trading pact among independent nations is better than this stiff bloc that's making real Europe become poorer and unsafer. Allons enfants, we've made mistakes, now we must rescue them.
You may also want to know why there's the photograph of a port in the night for this article; well Cazeneuve said he wants to control the arms that arrive in Europe, we haven't got free gun permit in Europe so it's not about gun control, in fact crime, mafia and terrorism happen even more often than where they've got the free gun permit like the USA, he wants to know where the rifles for the terrorists arrive. I know it, they arrive from the port in the photograph, it's the port of Gioia Tauro in Southern Italy where I live, that's the international hub for smuggling cocaine, heroine and illegal weapons. Ask that asshole of Renzi, but he probably doesn't know it. Everybody else in Italy does. I think a great deal of the non registered weapons for mafia and terrorist groups come from there. Ever since there's this illegal weapons and drugs traffic in the region, try and guess? We've had a flourishing of masonic lobbies up to 5 new lodges in one town only in one year, they say it's for the institutional cover up of the rather undisturbed illegal traffic and for bribing people who should block it to make them shut up and comply from inside the institutions. Now you know why I think so badly of freemasonry... the masons cover mafia men, they are even rumoured to be the upper level of mafia who never go to jail, while mafia men are the stupid ones who go jail.

From Italy with Love...and bullets, cocaine, heroin, unregistered AK47s etc.

I hope God will help us.