Greece must send the "refugees" back to Turkey. This is perfectly legal because in Turkey there isn't any war.

The syrian refugees have no right to jump to Greece, in reality they can stay in Turkey because in Turkey they are not bombed, the rest is clandestine immigration.  The real solution of the "crisis" which has been created on purpose by strong globalist entities: Rothschild, Soros, Goldman Sachs, is the opposite of what Rothschild, Soros and Goldman Sachs, with Rothschild at the head of it, want.
  1. No war against Assad, let him take back Syria. The syrian rebels are just terrorists funded by Israel, USA and Saudi Arabia in the USA it's in fact Rothschild men/women who lobby for it.
  2. Setting refugee camps in Turkey and Tunisia, vetting the eventual real refugees there and not in Greece, without the actual mess of mixing 1 refugee and 1 hundred clandestine immigrants. At the end of the war sending back the refugees.
  3. Abolish Frontex, because Frontex, like all EU agency, is taking immigrants on behalf of the globalists instead of blocking clandestine immigration.
And you wouldn't have clandestine immigration and refugee crisis any more and no war in Syria anymore. It is illegal to send back people in a country where there's the war, but not in a country like Turkey, where there isn't any. It's more illegal to let clandestine immigrants in your country and to let your own country-fellows homeless, the way it's scandalously happening in Britain, to give accommodation and council housing to "syrian refugees" and not to anglo-saxon poor . Why don't the globalists care about british homeless? Simply because they want more immigrants to de-christianize the State, pulverize it and in-globe it in a superior entity the UN.
All the UN commissioners, EUrocrats, globalists, leftists who work for Globalist no-borders entities want the end of the national state and use mass immigration as a weapon. These people want to "topple Assad" which makes no sense because you'll have the same result as in Libya and Iraq, they lie when they say the refugees are Assad's regime's fault, instead it's their own butchers' fault, the so called syrian rebels. When Assad controlled Syria there were no refugees, and this is incontrovertible, because it is proven. It's Israel through the israeli lobbyists in Washington and Rothschild-controlled masons who push for "Assad must fall" and they do it for two reasons:
  1. Letting Israel in-globing the Golan Heights legally  and let Rothschild, its founder and master, exploit the Golan's oil so they get richer.
  2. Imposing to a western/Rothschild-controlled Syria, with no Assad in the middle, a Rothschild owned central bank, like the BCE and Federal Reserve or else pulverize the syrian state and letting nothing of it.
All done through the blood and sacrifice of western soldiers who'll earn nothing from it. With the council housing given to the syrian refugees and the veterans left homeless and we "white christians" fighting with ever growing muslim communities. No. We mustn't obey to this Rothschild/Israeli lobby. They don't take the Golan, they don't control Syria's Central Bank, Assad stays there and we don't take the immigrants, unless they are legal and we want them for our economy the way it used to be in the eighties. The poor, we can help them in Africa and Asia like Mother Theresa of Calcutta, who helped the poor in Calcutta didn't smuggle them to Italy.
Israel can fight its own wars by itself, they can fight Assad with their own army, this habit of treating christian "friends" like idiots and puppets must end and I don't care. Do you know why?
Because of the immigrants. After all we did for them. After the money and the help, after christian soldiers fought against the nazi, now, they want to wipe us out "to punish us for the holocaust?" . It's easy to shoot palestinian girls armed with a knife while the americans have to fight against Saddam, Libya and now ISIS, isn't it? You cowards who shoot with rifles palestinians armed with stones, tough guys... Traitors of supposed friends. Go and fight your wars by yourself, you israeli are just terrorists and lobbyists. Go and fight against Assad's army instead of crying for the americans to do it. Fucking idiot.
Don't you dare, western countries, to send troops in Syria to fight against Assad. If Israel wants to topple him ,they can go by themselves. The Rothschild boys, David, Anthony, Nat, they can do the military service and die for their parents money after all, it's not me who has to die for it, they belong to nothing, they never fight, they can only take money and spend them for their obsessions. Prince David de Rothschild can fight in Israel instead of breaking my balls with his global warming obsession, I don't see why I have to fight and to lose control on Italy for David de Rothschild to become richer. They must do it by themselves or lose power.