How long can Erdogan's double game last? Be serious.

People may ask me why on this website I support Putin's airstrikes, but not UK's. It's very easy: Putin's got clear enemies, clear friends, clear strategy. The others are in a chaos, because Erdogan is playing a tremendously dangerous double game, a double game that Turkey may pay at  a very high price because either you're against ISIS or you're with it. To tell the westerners and Putin that you are against ISIS and then earn millions selling/smuggling ISIS oil and even "backstab" the supposed allies that are really fighting against ISIS will turn into a third World War.
Erdogan is a double gamer and Putin is not. Another "incident" and Russia will want revenge. Or justice.
Cameron and his men, Osborne and B.Johnson only pretend not to have understood that Turkey is bluffing and not certainly for Turkey's sake, but as a sort of silent respect towards the Rothschild super-clan that's helping the Erdogan's clan clean the illegal oil's trading's money: they pretend, but they know, everybody knows what Erdogan is doing. So, are they really going to shoot ISIS positions and tanks? And if they btw shoot Erdogan's son part of oil to be smuggled to Turkey and cleaned up by Rothschild in Tel Aviv what will they do? Pretend and pretend until they topple Assad, then they'll go away, if nothing happens, but if Erdogan shoots down another russian jet, because Putin is there really to fight against ISIS not against Assad, Russia is likely to bomb Turkey.
And China? There are rumours of chinese troops on the ground with the eastern russian/iranian block.
Let go, Erdogan is unreliable. Everybody knows he's damn lying but so far he has a sort of Rothschild protection - also with the EU "leaders" that despise him, but so far pretend not to know what he's doing in Turkey- we don't know how long this protection will last and I think the Rothschild clan cares only about its members so if they let him go, suddenly Turkey's allies will pretend to wake up and will start saying plainly what they see.
Let go. Don't bomb. Cameron will never put himself against Rothschild, he hasn't really got the guts, but Corbyn can save the situation blocking the airstrikes and taking the political and moral responsibility because Erdogan's double game will not last. It's done too much under everybody's eyes. Putin cannot have another jet shot down by a double gamer and see his pilots killed without doing anything. Even if Rothschild doesn't abandon Erdogan, Putin will be against him the same and in this case the western countries controlled by Rothschild will pretend not to understand it's Erdogan's fault and will be against Russia.