Soros, Rothschild and Obama don't want you to have guns...but they murder with their drones hundreds of civilians in the Middle East.

Enough is enough, apart from the fact that at Planned Parenthood they dismembered bodies of unborn children because they practice late term abortions and this is criminal, apart from the fact that in France there's gun control and the terrorists had rifles and did a big massacre the same, what we all can't stand of Obama is hypocrisy.
Byant-Haas-e-WestmorelandDo you know how many children get massacred by US drones in the Middle East? Continuously and for no reason: this is not war on terror this is terror, I still can't accept such people to be able to be in good faith when they talk about gun control, if they had a shred of morality they would stop keeping up islamist terrorists and then kill civilians with their drones, In this photograph  ( the third) there are three ex drones pilots, Mr Bryant, Haas and Westermoreland who accused the american government and the Pentagon of ordering the drone pilots to massacre civilians and even children in the Middle East and the banking system blocked their bank accounts for this. So when they talk about gun control they just want to disarm the american citizens, to do probably worse. Now they are attacking again white christians as if all white christians were bad because Obama is the black president whose electoral campaign was financed by the big marxist jew George Soros and they hate white christians, Westermoreland, Haas and Bryant are also white christians and they don't want to massacre civilians in the Middle East like Soros and Obama want to go on doing instead, we must get rid of this bunch of privileged but frustrated people. No matter how rich and powerful they are they still feel they are a "black" and a "jew" and can't forgive people who are not: this is frustration.
I hope Donald Trump will win the election next year, Obama must stop killing children by drones instead of concentrating on gun control I don't trust Soros when he pushes politicians for gun control, maybe they want the police state to be easier and to have a total police state, people should be disarmed. Soros is a monster.
Ben Carson said, or better, reminded everybody that Hitler took the gun-rights off citizens before taking power, so the jews couldn't defend themselves from the nazi deportation and the german who may have wanted to help them couldn't do it too because they had no guns too. Probably they want to disarm people because they want to make it easier to impose a thorough police state without the risk that the veterans may oppose it and form a civilians' army. Soros disgusts me. Even here in Europe the EU want to use Paris shooting for imposing a sort of police state but does not want to block the influx of "refugees" from Asia and Africa. Because for Soros and Rothschild the enemy is us christians not the muslims and we must get rid of them. As for the white christians thing Ben Carson is black pro guns and against abortion, it is Soros' problem if he has a problem with us.