If they say it's Assad's fault and we must do the war against President Putin, it means we must remove this ruling class "à la francais" with the Guillotine. #ParisAttacks

I want to see what they'll do now, after this extreme terror attack in the beautiful heart of Europe.
I hope they're not going to say it's Assad's fault or Putin's. Putin and Assad are seriously fighting ISIS, it's our corrupted, masonic ruling class that's feeding them, giving them guns and weaponry and it's Turkey helping them, Israel healing them in its hospitals.

No, Putin is doing good and Assad always fought islamist terror without touching or offending moderate muslims. Everybody knows it. I also hope Merkel and Renzi finally stop calling and picking up immigrants, unidentified, massively young men from Syria and all the middle east and sub-saharian Africa. I told you, if no one stops them or they don't stop by themselves we risk a military takeover, they must stop. They take orders, but I'm afraid people above them are so corrupted the solution is to make them fall, the parliaments of Italy and Germany must make them fall if they don't stop Frontex and calling syrians.

We also must un-sign from the High Court of Strasbourg, I read an article on the MailOnLine about british citizens writing letters to Theresa may and the Home Office because there are a lot of unidentified people, obviously almost all men, living in hotel at taxpayers' expenses because they claim to be syrian, in reality they look vaguely african, and it's going on since July. The citizens must know that the repatriation is blocked not by the Home Office, but by the High Court of Strasbourg which has a list of supposed human rights that blocks the repatriation of the illegals and puts them as a burden on the welfare state, it's there that we must act: de-sign, un-sign from HCHR of Strasbourg, or at least suspend it and repatriate them the same for  national order and to prevent the chaos.

If the EU that I daren't call Europe, because it is not Europe, insists supporting mass immigration, unchecked for the "human rights" then close the borders and go back nations and send Juncker and them all to hell. Because it is evident that all european national states worked much better than the EU.

One reason why I support Brexit it's because it is apparent that Britain as Britain works much better, faster and it is more efficient than the EU as EU, as for Germany, I've been to Germany three times in my life and stayed there a couple of months: it was so orderly even the scandinavian praised it, there wasn't a piece of litter on the street, we could walk around till midnight, even alone, and there was no danger, the public transport drivers were nice people and we respected them, rarely people needed to call a cop, the way it used to be in scandinavia before the mass invasion. At this point we better go there where we belong and close Brussels.