Jeremy, tell them No.

No because they want to do the same as they did in Libya;
No because they are lying;
No because they are allied with Turkey that butchers christians and Erdogan is financing ISIS and he's worse than Assad.
Jeremy, they just want to kill their enemies, without a process and yes, Jihadi John, like all criminal, had the right to be processed and this is "our" culture, not theirs. We don't share the same values with the Turks and with western people who are scared of people talking in a process, it's better to shoot to kill, isn't it? So, they'll never talk. They'll never reveal how Turkey, strangely Cameron's ally, helps ISIL in the region and how the CIA smuggled weapons from the destroyed Libya into Syria to help the "rebels" who are Al Nusra which means Al Qaeda.
In Libya they destroyed the country, got rid of Gaddafi as if they were in a mafia end of game, then went back home and left Libya in a cruel chaos where more people got tortured and assassinated. This is what they want to do in Syria: do the hell to get rid of Assad, their real and only true enemy, as for ISIS it would be enough not to give them guns and help or buying their oil etc. they created the syrian rebels to topple the man in Damascus and did they bother to tell us why? No. For the human rights? And what about all the african dictators they always invite to Britain ? Or Al Sisi? Or Erdogan who butchered the ethnical minorities? My christian minority included?
Then, after killing, or better assassinating Assad like they infamously did with poor Mohammed Gaddafi who got sodomized with a knife by the friends of Rothschild and Cameron - they have no honour btw they didn't even shoot him a bullet in the heart - well these people will leave Syria the way they did with Libya: devastated by tribal cruel fights, impossible to govern, their own allies - the rebels - being just terrorists difficult to distinguish from ISIS and who often make a come-and-go from ISIS squads, if they have a solution may they go to Libya first to undo the damage they did already instead of passing onto the number three.
Don't get mixed with this Jeremy, tell them no. God bless.
Latest news; Jeremy told them No. And so the SNP, they are nice these people of the SNP, I hope they won't tear Britain apart because I tend to like the UK, but I liked a lot the way they voted a couple of times. I must write something about it. Link to article Cameron lays down plans to bomb Syria I'm happy.