Joe Biden tells the Truth about ISIS by Maurizio Blondet

Joe Biden, the vice-president of the the United States at Obama's side, won't make history as the most acute among statesmen. Or better, he wouldn't make history at all, weren't it for one quality: he's a natural gaffeur of incomparable stupidity. And in that activity as gaffeur he says without wanting it true things that his government - and the american power - tries to hide. Like the clamorous truth about who arms ISIS ("our allies") and why the USA are happy that ISIS is armed to overthrow Assad. Biden was talking on the last 16th of November to the Harvard students at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum Institute of Politics.
He was asked: "with hindsight, do you believe  that the United States should have acted in advance in Syria? And if not, is it now the right time?"
The gaffeur answers: "The answer is 'no' for two reasons. One, the idea of identifying a moderate centre (in Syria Ed.) is a research in which America thrived for long. We americans believe that in any country in transition there must be a Thomas Jefferson behind every rock, or a James madison behind every dune, eh eh (he giggles). The fact is that in Syria there wasn't a moderate centre because the moderate centre is made by shopkeepers, not by middle-class soldiers (...)
What I always complained about is that our biggest problem are our allies - our allies in the region are our problem in Syria. The Turks are big friends, I've got the most cordial relationship with Erdogan, I've spent a lot of time with him - and the saudis, the emirates, etcetera. What have they done, these ones? Very determined to topple Assad and - essentially - to make a war Sunni-Shiite, so what have they done? They have poured hundreds of millions of dollars and tons of weapons to anyone who wanted to fight against Assad; and the people who were supplied were Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, the extremist elements coming from other parts in the world. Do you think I exaggerate? Look at here a bit...(...)
All of a sudden everybody wakes up because this group called ISIL, that, well, it was Al Qaeda in Iraq, that when it was expelled from Iraq found open space and territory in Syria, it worked with Al Nusra, that had already been declared a terrorist group - and we didn't manage to convince our partners to stop supplying them. Now everybody sees the light, suddenly - and criticizes the President. But the President has been able to put together a coalition with our sunni partners, because America cannot go again (to invade) a muslim nation and be seen as an aggressor - it must be of sunni who attack a sunni organization.

In short, Joe Biden admits what officially the USA deny:
- That the "allies" are the ones who arm Daesh, and he names them: Erdogan, Saudis, Emirates.
- That there isn't any "moderate" opposition in Syria - and he says it two weeks after the Congress, under Obama's instruction, allocated half billion dollars to "arm and train the moderate rebels" in Syria.
- That the USA in Syria cannot intervene because they cannot be seen anymore as the aggressor of another muslim state. They must consequently rely upon the partners, wahabis and Erdogan. Which is probably the reason why Obama didn't want to join in 2012 to the anti-Assad aggression when French, Turks and Saudis were ready for it.
A couple of hours after these incautious admissions, the offices of vice-president Biden had to issue a press release in which the vice-president apologizes for any allusion that Turkey and other allies and partners in the region may have supplied intentionally or have facilitated the growth of ISIL, or IS, or other violent extremists in Syria.
Obviously Biden didn't let "all" the truth slip out -- it would be too much to expect fro the regime of the lie. He didn't explain to the students what we know from the british Telegraph (not a conspiracy theorist-website), that is that the CIA has been the major responsible for a considerable clandestine transfer of weapons sacked from Gaddafi's arsenals in Libya to the anti-Assad terrorists, the operation during which the USA ambassador Chris Stevens got killed and in which Hillary Clinton got implicated, then Secretary of State, who resigned precisely for it. Neither did he explain that the CIA organized a transport of weapons from Croatia to the syrian throat-cutters in 2012, weapons paid by Saudi Arabia, through an airlift.
Neither did he say that the 24 banks that are actually in the territory occupied by Daesh and through which the Caliphat recycles its criminal profits, especially but not only from the oil, go on operating in the international markets because they were not excluded from the SWIFT, from which was excluded the vatican bank instead to dislodge the unwelcome pope Ratzinger. Maybe Brussels, sparing us the spectacular man-hunting in town can more decisively contribute to the setting at zero of the terror ordering Swift to block the accounts of the 24 banks.
It would be rather  little fatiguing, because the headquarter of Swift is in Brussels.
"A total lie" has been the supposed war of the coalition anti-ISIS - so Vladimir Putin declared in the operative room of the russian Ministry of the Defence, in a notice in which he also declared ISIS on the brink of total collapse after the russian air force destroyed in the last 48 hours 472 terrorist targets, obliterated 1000 tanks in the last 5 days, and reduced the military forces of the throat-cutters to only 34 operative bases. If we think that the russian operation has got less than two months' life, and that the West "bombed ISIS" for two years, the lie is evident.
Another crude verity, instead, was sent out by the commander of the aircraft carrier USS Truman and by his support team, captain Ryan Scholl, who's rushing on the scene, and is bringing about exercises with the pilots on board:
"ISIS is not the only challenge awaiting the team. Russian, Chinese, and iranian marines have established their presence in Syria, and russian warships are repositioning themselves in the eastern mediterranean to protect the (air) fighters that lead air attacks in support of Assad's regime. In preparation, the exercise Composite Training Unit is concentrating on adversaries that look from close up more to the ones of the cold war". It seems a menace not precisely directed against ISIS.
According to the Jerusalem Post, russian troops should have started operating on syrian territory.
  1. According to not confirmed news, there would be chinese "boots on the grounds" - three thousand Marines from Beijing  - operative in Syria.
I'm back, Paola, the editor of F&FW, and I want to make just three comments on Blondet's article:
  1. As you can see, though the Rothschild-owned press say "we the west" in reality the enemies of Assad are everything but westerners: the Saudis and Erdogan. This is the "West" according to Rothschild Israel and their minions (see Ms. Kagan in the photo with Obama and Biden, great lobby isn't it?). For western women there's no way we 'll help wahabis and turks against Putin and Assad, we can deal with Putin and Assad, who are Gentlemen, we cannot literally shake hands with the wahabis and in Turkey they kill christians, we mustn't help them gaining power.
  2.  It is therefore evident that returning to cash wouldn't help criminals the way I wrote on this website, because the bankers don't block the bank accounts of the terrorists, they blocked the ones of the greek and cypriot citizens for greed. Terrorists and mafia-men they let them do.
  3. It is also evident that the "real" enemies for the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia is not ISIS, it's Putin and Assad. Their war on ISIS is a sham. They lie and are allied with a bunch of muslim misogynists, ISIS and Saudi Arabia are morally on the same level. We the West mustn't do any war against Putin and Assad.