Judge in Madrid wants to arrest Netanyahu for something Spain has got nothing to do with. Lefty Judges in Italy blocked politically Berlusconi for four years. Judges in the UK block the repatriation of the illegals. Judges in the USA "legalize" gay weddings against the citizens' will. There's a problem with the Judges.

We have a global problem with the judges: judges do not make the law and must not use the judicial system politically. Lately they break the rules, and legalize, condemn, block politically whomever and whatever they like saying: "It's in the Constitution" which is not.

After what they did to Berlusconi in Italy which is politically shameful and disgusting, we have got lately a Judge in Spain who, without any territorial competence, wants to arrest Netanyahu and 7 other israeli high ranking officers and politicians for the bombing of a turkish vessels in their own territorial waters. What has a spanish judge to do with it? Nothing, he's just moved by the lefty freemasonry that uses unelected powers against us - right wingers - politically.

In Britain the judges impede the repatriation of the illegal immigrants and put them as a burden on the welfare state even if they have no remote right to the asylum, this is the Left that, having lost the elections, maybe forever, tries to use the unelected members of its faction to do the job and they are unaccountable. Or they think they are.

In the USA the masonic judges are imposing gay weddings to the republican states that didn't vote them, saying absurdly "it's in the Constitution". It's untrue. It's your masonic homosexual superiors who ordered to you to do so. Given that probably the head of this "Octopus" is the satanic gay vatican, for them gays and transgenders are the priority because they are this way. Scandal after scandal we now know about the prior of Montecassino stealing the money of the Abbey, gay orgies in the seminars, I was told by a person the name of the gay lover of Pope Paul VI and that Ratzinger, though conservative had a lot of gay lovers too and was blackmailed with this by the "mafia-club" Cardinal Daneels talked "proudly" about.

In Sweden and the UK they take orders by the gay lobby in the Vatican and they don't know it. The Rothschild who give "orders" to all the UK, French and maybe even scandinavian freemasonry are connected to the satanic gay vatican through the IOR the vatican bank. Ok? Can't you see they are ordering to you continuously to push the gay, transgender agenda on children? On the Telegraph online, that quite dirty lefty part of the journal is pushing for gender reassignment to children, they are teaching girls to be dirty and promiscuous and boys not to be too boyish.
If I still, after all, esteem Netanyahu and do not want a war against Putin it's because at least, among other things they have blocked this dirt in their countries. And I don't think it's only for the religionists, there are a lot of lays who despise the gender, me included, and they do it right.
But the judges think they can make politics and actually "give" the laws to the parliaments or better directly to the people skipping the parliaments. And this must be put to an end. Definitely.

May I ask you just one thing, you lefty anti-Israel pro-boycott supporters? Why Netanyahu and not Erdogan? Why do we not campaign to boycott turkish products for the way Erdogan treats christians? Why don't you point at Erdogan's breaking the human rights? Why is it only and always Israel? I 've written on this website sentences that border anti-semitism, I was called anti-semitic and I'm quite proud of it, it means I'm not intimidated by the politically correct crowd etc. But I like honesty, why are you never pointing out at the dirty things the arabs and Erdogan do? And what the f*** has got a judge in Madrid to do with this? Thanks for an answer.