Muslim no go zones in Europe, one terrorist born in Belgium, another come with the flood of immigrants and they bomb Syria. Why?

The leftists are dying away, their "cultural supremacy" is vestigia of the recent past, we can put it in a museum, but honestly, with the terrorists grown up in Belgium, another come illegally with the flood of immigrants, false syrian passports all around and they bomb Syria to destroy what? It would have more sense to block the influx of immigrants and deport the people who formed the no go zones in Europe, those muslim areas where they don't allow non muslim to enter a bar and take a coffee, threaten them and say "no white people here" the legacy of the lefty culture and politics that brought their parents to Europe. Here's an infowars video

And this is the result of the enquiry.

But the best comes here with the Infowars reporters chased out the "muslim zone" where there were weapons to be bought for just about €500 where in the restaurants they refuse white clients, and they are young men. And what would happen if they had been women?

Ok, the Infowars reporters are behaving like true journalists and together with others have destroyed the lies of political correctness. Why should we allow these communities to grow? These communities must be dismembered, the people relocated outside Europe or sent to jail. It's a failed experiment. And I insist pointing at the fact that Paul Joseph Watson and Joe Biggs are men, for women it would be worse.

This is the end of the "cultural supremacy" of the Left because they, the leftists lie.
And it should be the end of our alliance with Saudi Arabia, that helps muslim integralists and damages the moderates, who are killed.

The proposed solution of bombing Syria, not helping Assad and going on taking muslim immigrants that do form these communities and moreover shake hands with the Saudis who pay for Sharia Islam to be widespread in Europe and fight against the moderates is the very wrong strategy. The right strategy is to help Assad taking back control of Syria, stop immigration from muslim countries, dismember these muslim communities and repatriate - or deport - the problematic guys that form them. And stop taking more of them.