No Borders lefty politicians are impeding us from giving protection to the truly prosecuted ones.

There are people like Federica Mogherini or Juncker - the one who sets the EU summit always on sunday morning for despise for christianity - who claim the refugees include also the people who run away from poverty. It's untrue, the poor, we can help them in Africa and Asia, the refugees are the ones who must escape prosecution like the Kurdish lawyers Erdogan, who tomorrow morning, sunday, will be in Brussels for the EU summit, is threatening of assassination. I'd like to give protection to the christians and the people the evil Erdogan does prosecute, but no, I've got to be swamped by all the people who want to come from Africa and Asia and mustn't distinguish the refugees from the poor. Because Federica Mogherini was told like this by her masonic bosses.
We must go back to the same law we used to have in the eighties:
Poverty to be tackled in Africa and Asia with Fair Trade projects. 
African and asian states must impose taxation to the western multinationals that work there and use the money to improve real economy.
Immigration must be only selected, with regular passport and must not be used to colonize Europe. Illegal immigrants must be repatriated.
Europe must remain or better go back, christian, officially, with no work on sundays allowed. No matter what Rothschild or Soros say, they are jews we are not, and we are not muslims, we don't work on sunday and Europe belongs to us.
The people who are refugees must be selected in Africa or Asia and cannot choose which country gives them protection, this country can also be african or asian and if a refugee doesn't like the country that gives them protection must be considered an immigrant. To be a refugee does not give the right to mass colonize Europe.
Now, thanks to the no-border chaos that Soros and Rothschild's minions, basically all the masons, wish to make legal - and we must prohibit this with all the means - we've got a lot of scroungers in Europe who smuggled into our countries bribing mafia and truly political prosecuted people lost in countries like Saudi Arabia and Turkey. We mustn't bomb any place, not Syria and not certainly to remove Assad. To defeat ISIS it would be more than enough not to send help to the ISIS fighters.