No way we'll stay with muslim Turks who booed the minute of silence for wounded France against christian Russia.

Someone in America wants to put us against christian Russia and welcome turkish muslims who despise our culture, who kill christians and booed the minute of silence for the victims of the Paris attacks.
No. No way we are allied with the real enemy because Rothschilds & their lobbyists want this, I explained why here, the Golan oil and the control of the central bank of the Russian Federation are the real reason why the Rothschild's lobbyists try to put the USA and the whole NATO to destroy Syria and Russia and we must say no. I want to be clear about Rothschild: they are behind everything, I even saw a fee of a donation of 1 million lire to Mussolini for beefing up the Italian Fascist Party emitted by the Lazard bank, jewish dominated board btw, and it is widely recognized that the Rothschild's right arm in the USA, the Rockefeller, financed Hitler, specifically the eugenics project; it is in fact childish on the side of many professional "anti-fascist", to never ask questions about which bank financed Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler for keeping two nation wide parties in countries where the people who joined were between low and middle class level and couldn't support it economically. The money came from a bank, obviously. But now, they want to steer "our" NATO against Russia because they want to control the russian central bank and Putin doesn't allow them. As for the reason why they financed Benito Mussolini and Hitler, it is rumoured that's because they couldn't convince the european Jews to move to Israel and dig the land and do the war against the arabs to colonize it and keep up a state. In Europe, far from being object of this unbearable anti-semitism the Jews could make career and lived comfortably, only few rabbis wanted to go to Jerusalem  for spiritual reasons. In Italy, the catholic Royal Family had a jewish doctor who had to care about the Crown Princess Maria José and not because of a political correct minority quota, political correctness at the time didn't exist, but because it was considered normal. The massive anti-semitic propaganda was in fact convincing, but before it started, paid by the above named banks, there was merely a sort of bla-bla antisemitism that didn't block anyone from trading or having jewish doctors and clients, at any level. Many times it was the jewish families who were against mixed marriages not to wash out judaism. If the banks didn't push the anti-semitic parties we wouldn't be here talking about it.
Let's go back to us and the war against ...whom? ISIS? Russia? Assad? While Rothschild pays his masons to say "we the West" and mean "he Rothschild" in the press he controls, even only partially, well we the West, and the West does not include Turkey, have no interest in fighting against Russia, we were humiliated by the turkish booing at the stadium during the minute of silence for France, we saw the Turks exterminate the armenians, why should we help Erdogan? Erdogan who's a human trafficker and continuously sends immigrants to Greece even if in Turkey there isn't any war because someone, promised him that if he pleases the globalists who want to fill Europe with asian and african people until they can finally prohibit to say "Merry Christmas" because "this is no more a christian country, can't you see?" well some one must have promised him that if he obeys the masons Turkey will enter the EU, because the Rothschild-"owned"masons feel like they are the owner of the EU and this is why we must exit the EU instead.
As for the power of Rothschild is definitely our ancestors' fault, we shouldn't let one family control our currency and banking system and we must break this system going back to cash, the currency based on gold and a central bank controlled by the Treasury whose head is politically elected after the democratic election and "also" not only, the Governor of the central bank independent from private institutions click here for the plan to destroy Rothschild. Why must we do it? Because they have too much power and use it against us. They control the masons, the masons from inside the institutions sell the country for a cheap price to the Rothschild-owned private institutions, the masons write lies on the press, the masons want us always to do wars that have nothing to do with our interests, see Libya, Iraq, now Syria and Assad, what did Assad do against us? Nothing,  it's just Rothschild's interest to remove it and the masons talk as if it were the "west"'s which is not. In Italy Mario Draghi, Mario Monti, Romano Prodi - dear friend of Lord Mandelson -, Giorgio Napolitano, Tommaso Padoa Schioppa are all masons and did the opposite of our interests to please the Rothschilds (not least dragging Italy in the eurozone against italian economy's true interests) these masons didn't do it privately, obviously, but from the positions of: Governor of the Banca d'Italia, Prime Minister, Prime Minister, President of the Republic and Minister of the Finance, they even go to London in the headquarter of the Economist sometimes, probably to take orders directly there from their "boss". They must stop, the country doesn't belong to them and I don't want any war against Russia. Be careful also about the marxist intellectuals, like Bernard Henry levy, jew like the mass of the marxist intellectuals, because they also are Rothschild-owned, even when they play the philo-palestinians, it's just another false flag.