Portugal and Britain are faced by the challenge: Either in or out the third choice may only strangle the economy.

Either you exit the eurozone and then you can manipulate your own economy and currency or, if you stay in the eurozone you must take the austerity pill, this is why I am such a strong supporter of the "just exit" line.

The scroungers in Brussels already said it is not "legal" that millions of EU citizens can't claim benefits from the british welfare state from the very moment they set foot in Britain and they all can set foot in Britain. I am tempted, to go to Britain and claim money, I could do it, everybody of around 400 millions EU people technically could do it, minors and babies included, because parents can claim money also for the offspring. Ok, Dave you tried, they don't even know mathematics. Give up with them and think you'll be doing the right thing if you exit.

Notice how the Beggars' Kommission of Brussels said it would "discriminate" against the non british EU citizens, it's always discrimination for them, it's racism isn't it? It's Hitler who doesn't want to give you the money to pay for millions of people and their offspring, unlimited number, for doing nothing but convulsively try to move and pack to London. To clean the rooms in London's hotels? No. To just claim benefits. I am astonished, because, you know, this is not philosophy, this is mathematics. And they still insist. They may be drunkards, people say Juncker drinks for breakfast, maybe.

russian website linked by David Icke says that many people in the european high places and all of the dutch establishment choose against the best interests of their own countries because they are being blackmailed and that they are being blackmailed because the husband of the Queen of the Netherlands was homosexual and paedophile and started a high level paedophile ring that in the years has occupied all the powerful places in dutch establishment, he also said in Britain there's something of the kind. These people may do illogic things, like the unsustainable economic policy or taking all the refugees who want to come, no matter if they outnumber the locals, because the CIA and other spies, included the turkish ones have porn material about them, and scenes of child rape and murders, so they can actually make them do what they like, included destroying the country they represent.

So, Brexit because they don't give you another way out. Portugal is dangerously on the same brink of Greece. Now the Left will govern, rightly, they won the election, but they said they want to halt the austerity measures without exit the eurozone, like this they can mathematically only end up like Greece. This website is Positivist, and I can assure you, if mathematics condemns you you'll end up worse than Greece, you cannot do it, if you stay in the eurozone you must abide to the austerity rules, the point is that the eurozone is an economic madness.

Probably the Commission of beggars in Brussels will try to milk Britain with another series of useless but very expensive bailouts for Portugal. And they will say we're all europeans, you are racist against the portuguese if you don't participate, give me the money or it means you are like Hitler and Goebbels. I hope by the time Britain will be out of it. If it is in, it'll be Cameron's fault, if Cameron is a patriot he has to do the right thing for Britain. In Brussels they don't reason, they are destroying Europe. Or they are being blackmailed.

Pay attention to this. The Queen of England has already hurried up to prize Cumberbatch, the one who said Cameron government should be f***off for not taking more refugees, with a honour. Ah, the Queen. Keep her in her real place, after Cromwell, she has no real say. If you want to exit, you exit, even if her globalist friends don't like it.

Spain. In Catalonia they have actually declared independence from Madrid.

The EU is already shattered.