Rothschilds cry: borders open, you racist. But they live in Israel and Switzerland. The shameless behaviour of the owners of the lefty press.

The only important thing you need to know about the lefty press is the name of the owner and their nationality. I give you:
Name: Rothschild;
Nationality: israeli.
It's not a dream it's real, the lefty press is israeli and tells the europeans to do the opposite of what they do in Israel. I give you three examples of Rothschild-owned lefty press in Italy, France and Britain, the owner is israeli and lives either in Israel or in Switzerland and sacks the journalists who refuse to push the open borders policy. Even now, after the Paris attacks.

The Economist; Britain.
JacobLordRothschildIt insults who wants to stop the refugees immigration, calling them racist while Israel didn't take even one of syrian refugees and racism is widely tolerated. Smug economist article about "racist" right wingers I apologize for having to link this shit. But it's necessary, the Rothschild family, the english branch who owns this thing called The Economist is the founder and financier of the State of Israel, the apartheid state, where taking refugees is out of the questions, where rabbis preach hate against everybody who's not a jew, us christians included. I'm not inventing anything, read this rant by anti-non jews rabbi who lives supported and protected by the Rothschilds who tell you to open your borders, they don't care about Britain, they don't give a damn. Rant of israeli rabbi from the Jerusalem Post .Notice that the article linked is taken from the Jerusalem Post in the english version, the one meant for us to understand. We understood. While the turkish supporters of the Football club of Turkey booed the minute of silence for the victims of Paris attacks: too many people are happy if we die. This is why we must defend ourselves and rely on our own culture. They can stay in their "beautiful" muslim and jewish world, without Christ and without freedom.

Liberation; France.
LibeRothschildIt is owned by another branch of the Rothschild family the "french" one, french into quotation marks because the owner, Edouard de Rothschild, is israeli and lives in Tel Aviv.
Article where the israeli newspaper tells us to open the borders - obviously - and that Calais migrants are "good" the problem in reality is we racist - not they israeli racist, we european white christians. "They" the israeli jews can be as racist as they wish.

Repubblica/L'Espresso; Italia.
de-benedetti-RepOwned by a friend of the Rothschild, a Jew with both the swiss, israeli and italian citizenships - I would abolish totally the possibility of having two nationalities btw - Carlo DeBenedetti, lives in Switzerland and insults us italian because we want to shut the borders, he supports, better he made up, he set up Renzi's government and pushes for the new habit of picking up immigrants and bringing them unchecked to Italy. He'd like to fill Europe with illegal immigrants, but settled in Switzerland where the borders are checked, like Nat Rothschild, another, and I repeat he's got the swiss and the israeli nationalities. Ok? It's the jewish israelis who are trying to make Europe disappear. Here's an interview where the israeli-owned L'Espresso pushes for open borders even after  the Paris attacks. They want us dead.
In the meanwhile Juncker talks about his conviction that not only there won't be any Brexit, in my opinion there will, but that beautiful christian friendly Turkey and all the pacific balkan states will enter the EU. When the balkans and Turkey enter I hope we'll be out of it. Read here if you want details about this nightmare.