Soros, Bernard C. Piqochet of the Ayan Rand Institute should be formally prosecuted for human trafficking.

In an article published by the "Leftie Lords demand all migrants treated as refugees which would bankrupt Britain" there is a strange request made by the leftie Lords, and it is that the Government shouldn't criminalise people helping illegal immigration - which is a crime instead -
"It should criminalise only acts committed for financial gain. Clauses should be added to avoid the criminalisation of individuals and organisations acting for humanitarian purposes." This means that the biggest smugglers, George Soros with his Open Society Foundation and Bernard C. Piqochet of the Ayn Rand Institute who are materially organizing and paying others to smuggle people illegally to Europe should be decriminalized because they are not paid to do so, they pay others. Almost all the "volunteers" who smuggle people to Europe are paid in fact.fluchthilfeAynRandInstitute
Moreover these "philanthropists" like Soros and Piqochet are not helping the refugees with their own money directly: with their money they are paying the human smugglers to bring the immigrants to our countries, inciting to break the laws, and putting the refugees/immigrants as a cost on our welfare.

I said once that we never abolished the boundary line between Italy and Libya, in the middle of the sea, nor between Turkey and Greece, Soros and the Ayn Rand Institute cannot abolish these boundary lines and help illegal movement of people "because there is a war in Syria". All the people who are illegal immigrants must be repatriated and the people who helped them must be arrested.

If Soros didn't do it for economic gain, he did it for worse, for the eversion of the european states through unmanageable mass immigration, what he did is much worse and the fact that many judges or peers of the UK or even prime ministers are masons in a Soros or Rothschild-controlled Lobby only means they must be arrested too. Either for Treason or, if Treason was abolished as it happened thanks to Blair and Mandelson - Rothschild's friends - in the UK, for attempted eversion, because what's happening in Germany is attempted eversion of the State, this mass immigration is meant to disrupt German society and destroy the State, since it is not done by the german citizens outside the State machine, in that case it would be subversion or revolution, but it is done by the Chancellor herself and the masons inside the Juries it is eversion.