The Continental States of the EU feel trapped between the weak inefficient southern states and the Commission that defend them. While the North is logging out.

I believe the continental states of the EU feel like they are the roast beef inside the sandwich: they are the "strong" part of it but are trapped between the weak fat part: on one side, the southern states that do not control the borders giving philosophic/moral reasons for it, because there is the war in Syria and in Libya which only means that the refugee camps should be set up in Turkey and in Tunisia obviously, not in Italy and Greece, but the italian and what's left of the greek authorities can't hear with that ear: they want more immigrants, just like Tony Blair and Lord Mandelson, the war in Libya and Syria are just an excuse for taking in more immigrants, it is crystal clear; on the other side the EU commission no matter if it is trapped in a failure of a multicultural country: Belgium, they want more immigrants too, this happens because both the commission and Renzi and the greek government obey directly to Rothschild that gave three orders:
  1. More immigrants from Africa and Asia.
  2. No christian identity of Europe - now they are trying to wipe out the christian identity of the UK too.
  3. Police state to solve the problem, but without limiting immigration.
Renzi, the greek and Juncker obey. France is in the middle, Germany is lost in the hands of Merkel, the North is happy not to have mixed too much with the others and is more or less silently logging out, from everything, also Finland wants to exit the eurozone. Denmark and Sweden are actually free countries. The UK will log out very probably because you know, if they want to obey Rothschild they don't need to go to Brussels, they can ask him directly in London and spare the money of the ticket. It's a loss of money for the UK, just this and I appreciate a lot Sajid Javid who said plainly that staying in the EU would make Britain just lose money and if the Juncker plan to add Turkey, 80 million inhabitants and not fit for the eurozone plus the balkans comes true the UK would face an even bigger bill for having to help the turkish and balkan economies, potentially worse than the greek one and for having to allow all these new EU citizens who want it to enter Britain. Obviously it's better to exit, I don't see any renegotiations. But the Rothschild, who impose the embargo on Russia, who pay for smearing Assad and Putin who push vulgarly for such "art" as Putin near a piece of excrement (they are very bad taste people no matter the title) wants to make the NWO and it's true, so for them the bigger the better and they'll order: Turkey in. And Juncker will obey. France should save its life and step out, the danger that comes from Italy is palpable. The italian government in the budget for 2015/2016 has given 1 billion euro for the refugees and settling immigrants and only 146 millions for security. And this year there is also a theologically nonsensical jubilee in Rome. Renzi again accused of "ignorance" the ones who are against his habit of smuggling people to Italy, said the boats full with african immigrants/refugees have nothing to do with ISIS - he knows it - from the Port of Gioia Tauro there is smuggling of rifles and tell me why Cazeneuve and Hollande should trust the italian government. The latest news is that after Paris attack we haven't got to be alarmists. Why shouldn't we be alarmists? I must admit I am a bit concerned and I'm not going to Rome. In Rome, last but not least, the responsible of the security is a man well known to the dutch authority: Nicolò D'Angelo
this man was in charge of the public security in Rome when the hooligan of the Feyenoord did the hell in central Rome thanks to him.
The dutch had an agreement with the italian police: to bring by bus the hooligans directly to the stadium, D'angelo agreed, but then sent the hooligans by bus to the centre of the town where the guys drunk beer and devastated the Bernini fountain. Why did D'angelo do this? And why the ban on selling beer wasn't respected? He didn't resign and now he's still responsible for the security in Rome for the jubilee. Many italians complained that they were just people armed with beer and could do the hell and if they had been people armed with guns?
In southern Italy the government claims there won't be any terror attack because there is mafia, some ingenuous people may imagine ISIS scared of mafia. It's not like this: ISIS and mafia are partners in crime for smuggling illegal immigrants to Europe, gun illegal trading and cocaine an heroine, in reality there is a low level of threat because ISIS likes big "important" targets like Paris, Brussels or Milan. Or Rome.
Schengen is rightly over, the euro is almost over, now tell me after the performance of the euro in Greece who's going to pay for the turkish economy if they really are going to join? Apart from Greece, the euro is performing dramatically badly also in Finland this is a Telegraph article by Ambrose Evans Pritchards about "Fixit" the exit of Finland from the Eurozone or EU.
The real answer is that EU as a matter of fact means Rothschild controlling your governments and this is why it is:
Against Russia
Against the christian identity of Europe
Open borders
And doesn't give a damn if you get poor.