The Danish Program: We must adopt the danish right wing policies to save Europe.

Denmark lately has become a very peculiar country, not only the Right Wing coalition is a true right wing coalition, but the People's Party, led by Kristian Thulesen Dahl has become widely popular, socially accepted, cherished by the danish elite, it's the first time from long ago that a true right wing politician is given a knighthood, Thulesen Dahl is Knight and this is the cross:Order_of_the_Dannebrog_Grand_Cross_Star_1850 It's the Order of the Dannebrog, I don't know what it means, but it means something very good anyway: the danish aristocracy is right wing open. The end of the Left.
Till a couple of years ago the people's party was shunned, like naziskins, Pia Kjaersgaard was insulted, now Thulesen Dahl is a knight and one day he will be Prime Minister, without fuss, without scandal, it's normal: right wing politicians become Prime Minister.

I want you to notice this: Thulesen Dahl and the Danish People's Party are not like the Tories, they are like the BNP.

It's the real right wing party taking over, not the washed up "multiculturalism is a good thing" version.

Kristian, how did you do it? We copy it all across Europe and become like you.

How did they do it? In Denmark there was fear due to the Mohammed cartoons published by the Jyllands-Posten and the consequent terror attacks as you remember, but in France there have just been terror attacks and still the EU tells France they cannot stop taking refugees and that to exclude Italy and Greece from Schengen is "out of the question", they, the EU masons, go on applying the Rothschild/Soros/DeBenedetti globalist no borders plan no matter the coast: they hate nations more. But the right wingers of the true Right don't really give a damn about the EU and do their own and their people's better interests and they do it right.

The DPP have opposed gay marriages and during the lefty government that legalized them they managed to obtain the right not to perform them for the ministers who opposed them, so they didn't bow to the mafia masonic mephistofelic LGBT, they clearly oppose multiculturalism because it does not allow the possibility for a cohesive society, they require the immigrants, only regular, the integration into the danish society and that they have to be able to speak danish etc. this is the wikipage of the DPP.

If you consider that in Britain the Queen prizes Angelina Jolie with Knighthoods and that police officers who are found card-owners of the BNP get sacked and that instead in Denmark the leader of the Right Wing Party is Knight you understand that something good is going on inside danish high classes, there in Denmark probably the Aristocracy is not controlled by Rothschild, the evil enemy of us all.
PMary Princess Mary, who never says or does anything out of place is australian. I mean, she's danish but australian born, this has certainly attracted the attention of the danes towards the australian society, it is obvious, and the danes may have found out that the australian rules about immigration were better than the chaos the left has managed to draw Europe in, thanks to the Rothschild owned press which is pro gay, pro immigration, against the Church etc. btw the DPP or DF (Danske Folkepart) stands for keeping Christianity official in Denmark through the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark, it's really a right wing party I told you, not washed up in any way and managed to elegantly take over in the Parliament. The presence of Princess Mary may have helped people understand that the policies of the DF (in danish Dansk Folkeparty) were normal, good and not fascist the way Rothschild wants you to believe. Well done, if you have to have a Queen or a King, after all it's better to have a good one, said by a republican, but anyway I live in Italy so, I'm not really messing up with anybody.
NoEuropeJTD I can't speak danish but I bet in this poster there's written "More EU? No thanks." What do you think? Am I a genius? Maybe there isn't written "thanks".

Foreign policy of the DF: like all europeans who do not like the EU, the DF foreign policy is to create a special relationship with the UK and other non EU enthusiastic nations, this may bring to the "Nexit" the exit of all the northern european countries from the EU or of the countries that want to keep national power and national identity and form another league where the nations are connected but not overruled by brussels commission and other entities Rothschild-Goldman Sachs dominated, because unfortunately this is what they are. Probably, due to the half french Royal family whose Princes are also Counts of Monpezat and do speak french at home, I bet they also want a special relationship with France if the EU and UN stop telling them to take "refugees".

Also Finland wants to exit the eurozone because the euro damaged their economy, so they may form really another connection of nations less stiff and more economically homogeneous in central northern Europe, keeping the national currencies and blocking the mass-immigration/colonization from Africa and Asia which thing would reduce also the power of the corporations and banking system because the smuggling of the people towards Europe is literally organized by Goldman-Sachs men for their own purposes and Obama and the USA should arrest them for organizing smuggling people since they have got the headquarter in New York, instead of taking refugees against the citizens's will.
Many things are going on in Europe, some of them are good. I can see the end of the EU. No matter what Juncker says, if strong nations form a new entity with economic and trading and movement of the citizens and benefits' rules "taylor made" for themselves, they can fuck off the EU.