The enemy is not the refugees/immigrants, the enemy are Soros and Rothschild who pay the liberal Left entirely. And they have enough money to do so.

No one man should have all that power. And there's the image of a black american - Kanye West - among masonic columns

There should be the image a big Jabba the hut-like Soros or a smooth cunning wicked looking Lord Rothschild:Jabba SorosLordJacobRothschild no two men should have all that power. And all that money. Rich people are very few, but rich beyond imagination: only two or three guys can decide the political line of 300 media outlets and finance all, I say all, the Ivy League Universities plus the majority of the british institutions.
Do you really believe that mediocre students like the modern university feminists, who obviously want always to shut down debates about abortion and transgenderism, instead of debating them, and they do so precisely because they have modest intellectual qualities, do you really believe that they are the problem? They are what I call the servants of Lady Mary. If you talk to these new feminists who could prevent Germaine Greer or Tim Stanley from holding a speech or participating to a debate at Cardiff's University or Oxford university, or the notorious Bahar Mustafa, it's not that they are brilliant, they didn't write anything, they only cry, slogans, and shriek and heckle: that's all. They're neither clever nor rich enough to truly make the difference, they are the henchmen of the big donors to the university who, "powerfully" after 5 minutes heckling convince the Professors and the poor harmless Dons of the Uni to "cancel for security reason..." the conference of the non lefty or not obediently lefty intellectuals. "Are you talking to me?" would say Robert De Niro. I mean, do you believe it?
Do you know that Soros makes millions of donations to all the Ivy League universities? This is why the ivy league universities are all liberal lefty.
And Rothschild does pretty much the same with the british research and university institutions.
If I have one website and I write what I like and then open or finance other 300 websites to say what I like you'll have the impression almost all the web says the same things, in reality it always me. And this is what Soros and Rothschild do with Universities and media outlet.
Their media outlet and paid universities support the immigration because Soros and Rothschild want to destroy Europe. They support the UN and the one world government and to topple Assad. Which won't happen. They can burn.
To hate the refugees who storm your town is natural, it's a self defence instinct, though the refugees were filled with wrong ideas, in Germany they ask for when they'll get a car, they were told like this. An infowars comment board user told them "ask Soros, he told you you would get a car". In Sweden they don't like the accomodation, but now stop with them, they must be repatriated and eventually helped elsewhere not to demolish Europe totally.
Let's talk about the ones who pull the strings, Soros and Rothschild. Are they gays? Are they emotionally frustrated that they insist sacking or trying to sack everybody who's against the gender and gay culture from Unis and their controlled media? All the wives and women they flaunt are they a cover up for their having other wishes? Is it a revenge for what they had to endure for pretending being heterosexual? Or is it just wickedness, and why do they want to topple Assad? Oh, yes, that's for the Golan Heights, but they don't ask Israel, they ask the USA and Britain. It's easier, or at least they think it is. Is it they who pay the Bilderberg group's meetings in super five stars hotels? And now the infamous and to be prevented TTIP, always with meetings in hotels, five stars, to show who they are.
Viktor Orban intelligently said that he can't believe the emergency of refugees crisis because western states that are being invaded have very good intelligence apparatus and it's impossible they are so unprepared. Yes, but Lord Rothschild and George Soros have prepared them to comply with the invasion, I also noticed that if Greece sent the immigrants from Kos back to Turkey and it could do it because in Turkey there isn't any war, instead of shipping them from Kos to Athens at greek expenses moreover, and then from Athens to Macedonia and so on, it's clear that the refugees crisis wouldn't exist. As it is clear that the italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is using Frontex to take more immigrants instead of blocking the boats, Renzi who's a dog at the leash of Romano Prodi, another Goldman Sachs man like the Ayn Rand foundation president that organized, call center included, the whole smuggling .
So, "our" representatives and state funded media journalists have been bribed and prepared at the Bilderberg: about the gender, about gay weddings and about the immigrants invasion. We were told Europe would change face. Some else should change face instead.
We must cut the head to the bull, or the bull will never die. We must concentrate on the upper level and on the people paid by them. To concentrate on the immigrants, I understand this is primarily instinctive, but it's like trying to kill a snake cutting the tail, while to kill a snake you must cut the head.
Focus on the masonic lobbies. The masons often obey without even being given a proper explanation. They even don't know who are the people who dictate the agenda and often obey the same.