The EU is like a nazi party: you cannot reform it, you must exit while the Euro generates poverty and un-repayable debts.

The Eurozone generates poverty in the weaker economic zones and un-repayable debts that put the strongest economic areas in front of  a form of moral blackmail: either you condone the debt and lose the money or if you play it hard, like german bankers with Greece you'll have poor people, poor means pennyless, on your conscience: all this what for? For the euro's sake.
Greek prostitutes, young, sell their sex for two euros. This is the eurozone. Finland can't cope with keeping the good wages for the workers and the EU austerity measures. About Cyprus we don't even talk anymore, because there is the dirty attempt to clean up the image of Erdogan and Turkey. Why should we stay in?
The EU is un-reformable, just like Hitler's nazi party was un-reformable, you couldn't really make it right, it was in its DNA to be racist, like it is in the EU's DNA to be globalist, it must be clear in the minds of the european citizens we must step out. Hell belongs to the devil and the EU belongs to the globalist masons. They even set the appointments for their summit on...Sunday morning. Yes, they have respect for islam, maybe for judaism, but not for christians, for them sunday morning is a working day: it's an enemy in clothes of representatives: who do these people represent? Rothschild probably, maybe they don't work on saturdays, we must get out of that thing.
Two links about the situation in the eurozone and EU:
Daily Mail on line: greek teenage prostitutes "do it" for two euros (even in South America they cost more). : EU and Labour's MEP against border controls to stop jihadis - because they are racist...
What do you want to reform? Remember that the plan of Soros/Rothschild/Goldman Sachs is to wipe out entirely our culture, they won't stop until we disappear or until we make them stop. In Germany a female estate agent was refused by a refugee family when she wanted to show them the apartment the State had chosen for them because she was female and looked in the eye the man of the family. She complained on internet - on facebook - and the lefty minions of Rothschild called her nazi bitch. So, we western women should get used not to look at men in the eyes? Like the ultra-orthodox jews in Jerusalem east and what for? They hate us, Ladies and Gentlemen, Rothschild hates us. Get it, it's like this. And the EU? The feminist equalitarian EU? What does it do? They want to punish the agents who are not kind enough with the refugees. This is enslavement. We must exit the EU because it does belong to the globalists and they want to wipe all the states out:
For the european states they had the project to wipe them out through mass immigration from non integrable cultures.
As for the Middle East states they bomb them until they destroy them; it is clear that after Assad Syria will be disintegrated like Libya and they, Cameron and Hollande have no plan for the after-Assad period because this is exactly their plan: to leave Syria disintegrated with the consequent annexation of the Golan to Israel and Rothschild. American drones continually kill people in the middle east and Obama knows it.
The rich countries of the eurozone can put an end to this by exiting the eurozone themselves before the poor countries. The Netherlands and Belgium should go back to a national or bi-national golden currency to not be guilty of what Germany did to Greece, because in this euro system the rich countries either accept the loss of money when the weak "happy" economies overspend or they have to play the Scrooge part and make people die of hunger to be paid back. It would be elegant and admirable if they exited and formed a strong golden, impossible to speculate on, currency like the imperial Taler, not controlled by Rothschild but by the belgian and dutch ministers of the treasury, a sort of "Royal Bank of Belgium and Holland" not to have the greek situation on their conscience. The euro must be got rid of and the sooner the better. Then they can make a mini Schengen, if they like, and reintroduce the Dublin Treaty only among serious strong countries that are able to respect what they sign or they don't sing it at all. I also suggest to scrap the Human Rights act of the High Court of Strasbourg and stick only to the Geneva Convention for the Human Rights, because Strasbourg human rights are in favour of jihadis and criminals  - other than gay and lesbians - while the Geneva Convention is still more than enough: the rest is helping criminals.