The Octopus.

My website Freeword and Friends World at was hacked and I had my last post cancelled, again, from the web editor.
I try to recover what I may have written so disturbing for the hackers to deserve the immediate cancellation of the post.
A bit about how kerry and Obama did right not to want to dismember Syria and how Obama and then probably Trump will try to have good relationship with Putin and it's ok, deja vu after all, that Merkel and Renzi are traitors that must be removed, deja vu again. The only new thing was, apart from a list of sins from UN commissioners and how they spend the money of the foreign aid and don't pay taxes, but it's deja vu again, I think seriously and it's threatening that the new thing was about the "shape" of freemasonry or the illuminati, I had suggested to stop imaging it like a pyramid and to start thinking about it as an octopus. Many tentacles, one in the jury another in the press many in television, another in politics another in the banking system, another in the European Commission and all directed by the same head. But what's the head? Where's the head? I suggested that there were few places suspected to be the head of the Octopus that's strangling Europe and the USA:

1) The Mossad Headquarter.
2) The Rothschild bank or a small group that comprehend few other superbillionaires like Soros together with Lord R. no more than 5 people.
3) The satanic vatican. The IOR.

I can't remember having written anything so new to deserve cancellation from wordpress editor. I also added that if a judge is a tentacle of the octopus in the jury he will try to obey the head of the octopus even against the law. Like a tentacle does what the head says.

I also added that to cut a tentacle does very little because the tentacle grows again, like the tail of the snake and that we are anti-illuminati because we know that to kill the octopus we must cut the head.

I'll try to copy and paste this blogger article back on the wordpress F&FW, it's a nice website with a neat template, also this here is nice, I did right to keep them both.

See you later.

And to Putin, Assad and Kerry: Make peace on Syria we don't want any war against Russia and anymore refugees. If it is possible lift the ban on Russian products.