The Real Enemy of the Rothschild is Cash. The only material thing that can destroy their power.

God is above and can destroy anything just like He can give Life and create.
But we are no God, we are little creatures and Jesus wants to see us fighting to see if we develop properly and use properly the talents He gave us as presents.
The enemy of the Rothschild, materially, the thing that can destroy their power is cash.
The material contants  these 
Do you believe, that people who organize false flags, give weapons to ISIS and "moderate rebels" in Syria who kill as much as ISIS, really care about limiting the use of cash to fight the crime?
No. With the free unlimited use of cash they become "just" bankers, the money belong to you not to the bank, they don't control it, they just keep it.
The money must be based on gold and theoretically all in cash, even if it is kept in the bank, it must be cash whose value is based on gold and the accountants must be able to:
withdraw all his/her money all whenever they like and there must be no limit to the use of cash, you may be able to buy a house or a ferrari in cash.

They want to abolish cash so they, the Rothschild, have the "money" and they allow you to use it if they like, they can block digitally your account and actually you are dependent on them. In Italy it was a freemason Mario Monti who started to limit the use of cash and to make it compulsory to have a bank or post account, Mario Monti is probably one of the most corrupted and wicked mason in the world. He's disgusting, he's a total servant and he's not even a jew, he's a servant goy.

We must go back to the unlimited use of cash and the obligatory gold-based currency to impede the financial speculations like Soros' and that the private bankers, read Rothschild, control you.

Then I tell you how they use your money, they use it to serve Israel and to destroy our culture. The Rothschild have a foundation whose chairman is Lord Jacob called Yad Hanadiv through which they convey the money to build Israel, they built the Knesset, the Supreme Court etc. What makes us angry is that these people on the other side use their money in Italy and UK, France etc. to promote extreme lefty culture through their lefty press: The Economist, Liberation, L'Espresso etc. through which they push mass immigration from Asia and Africa, de-institutionalization of Christianity - while in Israel the state is jewish - gay weddings, sodomy, promiscuity among minors, yes, they do, cuts in the defense budget, abolition of the compulsory military service and use of drugs, the opposite of what they do in Israel, and play the philo-palestinian part, in their opinion, not be found out, which is clear, they think we think "oh, the good leftists, they care about the palestinian kids." No, the good leftists are all Rothschilds' slaves/employees and the Rothschild use the Yad Hanadiv to convey billions to Israel to keep it military, strong, jewish and right wing. They are liars and double faced, ok?

The cash can impoverish them and limit their power, putting them back into the role of simple bankers. And everybody can be rich without being controlled by them. It gives the alternative power.

Now, look at Lindsay Graham, the lobbyst who wants to push the USA into a war to eliminate Assad. The USA and UK have no real interests in toppling Assad, just as they had no real interest in toppling Saddam, Israel wanted to topple Saddam, here's a video where Netanyahu says Saddam has got massive destructive weapons beyond doubt
Now it's about Syria, and once Assad is over there won't be any other decent solution, Israel will keep officially the Golan and yes, Rothschild and Cheney will have the legal right to exploit the Golan Heights' oil, this is not a mystery, they have already signed a contract with Israel for this, therefore and I mark twice the word therefore, for this reason, ok? they want the head of Assad. Which is not in our real interest. They treat us like the puppets.

I may forgive Israel for being right wing, I am right wing myself, and I imagine that if I were a jew I may wish to have at least one jewish state around Jerusalem. I recognize that Israel was jewish during the Roman Empire and that it's true the jews were there before the muslims, who had the usual delicacy to build Al Aqsa mosque over the top of the jewish temple, as a sign of domination just like now the saudi arabians want to build a big mosque in front of Notre Dame de Paris, possibly four times bigger (??) they also wanted a mosque bigger than Saint Peter's cathedral in Rome and another bigger than Saint Paul's in London, London's Mayor knows it, I don't know where can they build a mosque bigger than Saint Paul' s cathedral in central London , but the muslims are vulgar, they have no respect and this is true, this is why I can't stand Islam, at least not in Europe. But I would like Netanyahu to consider that his dearest fucking Rothschilds here in Europe are on the side of the muslims, ok? It's their fault, they campaign for opening the doors to mass invasion from islam and in Europe they defend them whatever disgusting thing they do, they hate christianity more and their lefty press is a manifesto of the Antichrist. And we mustn't shut up. The Europeans must know it and react taking back control of Europe, re-institutionalize Christianity, it's not even necessary to have a specific official church if you don't like it, like in Switzerland where Christianity is named in the Constitution, but no church is official or there may be an official one like in England, but we must take back control of Europe and of our own money, all in cash.