This is what Italy gets for taking immigrants. Renzi must stop now.

An article in frontpage of the Guardian where illegal african immigrants brought to Italy with that shame called Frontex get angry for the treatment: they don't deserve anything. They've got house and food for free, don't realize they are illegal and that they don't automatically have the right to the status of refugee: they are just illegal immigrants. Watch the video and notice how thankful they are:

Here's the link to the article of the Guardian. Have I got to see Italy reduced like this? They are illegal immigrants smuggled to Italy through Frontex. They must be repatriated and the government must stop taking any other; they are arrogant, violent, all men and don't realize they are illegal and being given things for free, get rid of them. I make an appeal to all european leaders: stop importing people. Get rid of freemasonry and the forces that bring these people here.