We must destroy the power of Rothschild and we must do it in three steps.

The power on our societies is not in the hands of Juncker and the EU commissioners, even they are just obedient to someone and this is the evidence:
Francois Hollande and Jean claude Juncker, respectively the President of France and the President of the European Commission, wanted to lift the ban on russian products because it damages european producers, democratically, the french and also the italian farmers lamented with the french president and then in Brussels with the european commission the damages of the russian embargo and both Hollande and Juncker wanted to lift the ban on russian trading, we make compliments to Putin because he fights against ISIS and we don't see why we shouldn't trade with him, moreover damaging our productions and economy; well, "someone" un-named, we aren't even told who, said no to them. And the russian embargo persists. But if the european commission and the european national leaders agree to lift the embargo, who can say no? Who's really in command of this sinking ship? This is why the EU is sinking, it's neither the commission nor the national leaders that take decisions in it, Juncker just tells us what he's told by  a literally secret entity. And this is not a nightmare, this is the situation the EU is. This is why the national states work better, faster and are more efficient.  This is why it's better to exit, this is why they, the commissioners seem so blind and deaf to our protests.
Having to guess who are these people that decide our economy and probably also the crazy pro-refugees/open borders obsession - that we must defeat -well, I bet it's Rothschild, Goldman Sachs and Soros.RothschildBankScheme
To de-empower these three entities that move probably all the masons in the world and give them orders that clash with our interests there is a move in three steps to be done soon and quickly or at least as quickly as possible. Previous to this three steps move is necessary not to hand any more power to Brussels no matter what happens, because Brussels is not even the Commission, Brussels is moved probably by the three entities above. Otherwise Juncker and Hollande should have had the power to lift the russian embargo which they had not.
How to de-power Rothschild, Goldman Sachs and Soros.
  1. Legalize the unlimited use of cash and abolish the law that makes it compulsory to have a bank account. The mason, Goldman Sachs man Monti put a limit to the use of cash that the triad above want to abolish and forced all italians to have a bank account and to keep the money in the bank. The italian were deprived of the total possession and control over their own money. You can take your own money if the bank allows it, in Greece and Cyprus people weren't allowed to withdraw their own money, the money "didn't  belong" to them any more, they belonged to the banks. And the bank took them to make the greek citizens pay forcefully the debts made by the greek politicians who were as politicians prized instead: see Dimitris Avramopoulos now EU commissioner for migration who opposed the plan to block the illegal immigration, in fact from Greece there's the invasion from the East, while from Italy there's the invasion from the South. They say they want to limit the use of cash to track the illegal movement of money but it is untrue, Rothschild and Company never blocked the bank accounts of mafia men and ISIS terrorists and the terrorists are regularly financed, not in cash, by John McCain and the american government and this is blatantly true, under everybody's eyes. Also the illegal trade of weapons, heroine and cocaine happens in Italy through mafia and ISIS who work together and the mafia payments are not in cash and the bankers and the italian state let them do. They just want to be free to block your own account the way they did in Greece and Cyprus. They never switch off the bank accounts of mafia and ISIS terrorists.  This is why you cannot take your own money from the bank and the bank doesn't allow you certain payments and doesn't allow you to spend more than a tot in a day. They behave as if the money belonged to them and not to the accountant. Remember: the legal unlimited use of cash is important to deprive the bank of the almighty control on the money.
  2. The currency must be based on gold and impossible to speculate on. George Soros got rich speculating on the lira and the pound, I don't know how he did technically, what I know is that if the currency represent a fix quantity of gold those money have a value that cannot be diminished the way they did with Argentina, it depends on the value of gold that is rather still or not too much shifting anyway you cannot be tricked like the argentinian who had the money in the banks, one day woke up and their money had no value anymore, so they had only pieces of papers, remember also that few powerful argentinian people were told in time and allowed to withdraw their money from the argentinian banks to bring them somewhere else, the rest of the people were barred from withdrawing their own money from the bank, again, the banks behaved like the money belonged to them and left people poor.
  3. Other entities not related to the classic banking gotha, for example States or rich private people, with the currency related to gold and the money existing in cash, must be able to set up new banks non Rothschild related. If the money exist and are related to gold let's say Berlusconi and Trump together with other non Rothschild related billionaires must be free to found new banks. also a state, like the Russian Federation or Italy must be able to do it. Like this we annihilate the Rothschild-Goldman Sachs-Soros power.
Why didn't we do it before and put ourselves under the control of the "jewish bankers" instead? Unfortunately it's the pope's fault. Either he was an idiot or he had some interest mixed with the jewish bankers but he did excommunicate all the christians who worked in the banking/financial sector so leaving, as a matter of fact, the monopoly of finance to the only non christian people around in Europe: the ashkenazi Jews. Jewish bankers to whom he's related through the IOR.
We don't give a damn about the pope anymore and must take back the financing sector. It's a matter of survival. After Rothschild, Soros and Goldman Sachs organized the extermination of the white christians, the invasion of Europe with mass immigration (and notice that, again, the pope is on their side) abortion, gay marriages, the LGBT "rights" and all the shit of the lefty economy, policy and culture we mustn't let them control a penny of ours. Go back to cash and if they talk to you about fighting against crime laugh at them.