Why is it billionaire Jews who want mass immigration from muslim countries? To make white christians experience the genocide. In their own words.

Open society by George Soros, all the lefty newspapers owned by the Rothschild, both french and english, from Liberation to the Economist, facebook by Mark Zuckerberg, excuse me if I notice, but the biggest balls breakers about the refugees crisis, who criminalize christianity as racist and want immigrants to come to Europe are zionists. Ashkenazi who live in Europe or the USA and give billions to the State of Israel while pretending to be pro-Palestine - why don't they give the billions they send to Israel to the state of Palestine then? They are very cunning, the send pro-Palestine journalists to the palestianias and billions of euros and dollars to Israel - They may do the reverse, giving the journalists to Israel and the billions to the palestinians. They have broken my balls, I'd like Lord Rothschild, Soros, Zuckerberg to be locked somewhere in Israel and deal with the palestinians there.

They, Soros, Rothschild, Zuckerberg and co. want Assad to fall because if the Golan remains to Israel they would be able to exploit the oil in there and get richer, they talk about Assad breaking the human rights through their paid dogs only to try and fool us. They don't give a damn about Europe and the USA, their rabbis said they want we christian europeans and americans to experience the white genocide, so we learn about our past, and they don't even care about the british and american christians who did set them free from Auschwitz, alone they wouldn't be able to do it, and this is the thanksgiving.

Thank you for setting us free from Auschwitz, now die, you fucking white christians, and they don't put themselves in front of it, no they put the muslims against us. Like those "refugees" who are almost all fit men and instead of protecting women and children they put the few children there are in the group in front of the police to make them stop. It's vile, yes, it is. Not everybody has honour.

List of the Jews who are pushing wildly immigration - to Europe and USA - gender, gay agenda, limitation of free speech in the name of antiracism:

Lord Jacob Rothschild and his family, particularly the cousin Sir Evelyn. - Owns The Economist.

David de Rothchild the french banker. - Owns almost all french lefty press.

Guy de Rothschild israeli owner of Liberation.

George Soros - read his open society foundation website to know what's pushing for you. And then throw it into the dustbin.

Carlo De Benedetti owner of all the lefty italian press ( always pro abortion, pro mass immigration etc. it's the same plan translated in italian)

Henry Kissinger - the same in the USA, in the Bilderberg.

Don't be fooled when these people pretend to be pro Palestine, because they founded the State of Israel and fill it with big money, they pretend to be pro-Palestine only to defend the double standard of being lefty for Europe and the USA and very right wing for the jews. For example they are pro gun control in Europe and the USA, like Madleine Albright, but the israelis have the right to self defence. Thanks. I also have the right to self defence.

List of Jews against globalization.

For honesty and not to fuel cheap antisemitism, there are also a lot of Jews who are against mass immigration and the LGBT;
 these people usually are not particularly interested in moving to Israel, they want to go on living in Europe and the USA and do not want the mass invasion of Europe with muslims - who hate them - the big Jews named above don't care about them, for them they can move to Israel and do the military service for them, while in the meantime they insult them because they have to pretend to be filo-palestinian. Some of these people are rich, but the majority are in no condition of paying bodyguards for themselves and their children, so they don't want the big chaos Soros, safe far away from it, wants. They would like security in town just like the other citizens.

Chief Rabbi of Rome Riccardo DiSegni; In an interview to the magazine L'Espresso he declared plainly "Can you see these 20 millions refugees integrated in our societies in twenty years?"
Zac Goldsmith; he declared he will campaign for Brexit if Cameron doesn't get a very good deal because "If things don't change the EU is going to be a very bad place where to live".

Kent Ekerot; swedish jewish MP for the Right Wing Party Sweden Democrats, he's sick with the bowing towards sharia immigrants and the license to be antisemitic for non white people. Many in Sweden lamented that while white antisemitic people are censored, if a black or an arab do the same are not even reproached.

There are many others that the leftists are trying to make stop being right wing, but in reality these people know perfectly that a majority of muslims in Europe would mean that the Jews have either to go away or accept submission.

It's not difficult to understand the right wing Jews, it is much more difficult to understand the others who push mass immigration, but these people are so over rich that have personal bodyguards and live in super protected ambients, so they don't care if non rich citizens, jews included, have to live in unsafe conditions. In Italy all the press, but the lefty, give continuous news of non provoked assaults by immigrants towards italians, independently from politics, yesterday a group of italians coming back from a halloween party were assaulted by a group of immigrants for no reason, either political or social: nothing. Renzi is filling the country with big african boys with high expectations he himself cannot fill because the country is simply not rich enough and because idiot and traitor as he is - he's obeying freemasonry - he is going on and on taking sub-saharian immigrants "because there's the war in Libya" which doesn't make any sense anyway. If a rabbi hints that these immigrants cannot be integrated I'm afraid he has more brain than Renzi. The only solution is to stop these masons. We must stop them.