Why the EU backed Boycott-Israel Campaign is wrong, but it may help Brexit and the end of the EU.

Come on kids, they are neither honest nor smart, these EU commissioners or whoever the EU is, given that it is clear that certainly it's not us european citizens, it's someone else.
Now the EU has ordered the labelling of the West Bank products, which incites and helps the boycott Israel campaign, while not labelling any arab product or any chinese product. I mean you won't find people saying boycott this, because in Myanmar they exploit women workers 16 hours each day and the workers cannot even see their children, or the the saudi oil labelled as "no driving women zone", I always said, if they have to boycott or label for moral reasons they should do it honestly or simply don't boycott because the boycotted country is automatically considered as morally inferior to the non boycotted ones. I suggested not to do it or to do it fairly.
But what's good from this? EU brexit, Netanyahu angry, seriously, and Boris Johnson seriously thinking about leaving the EU, really, not just as a Boris joke, someone has got to do it, I'll do it and hope we lose. They also lost George Osborne with this move, because Osborne intended to lead the "stay in" campaign, but, apart from the refusal of the tax credits cuts for the foreigners, which would be a very big blow on the finances of Britain, the Chancellor, who's in good terms with many globalists and he's a bilderberger, is tremendously pro-Israel. He'll never put himself against Israel for the sake of the EU, the EU is nothing more than a market for them, while Israel for this kind of Britons 's got a superior moral/spiritual value. 
They founded it, after all, Netanyahu is the tip of the spear and he's the one who takes the bad-words and the insults and risked his life, but the spear goes much longer before him, and has got a golden handle. They'll be out, I want to see Osborne campaigning for a EU that labels israeli products, will he and Cameron ask an opt out from the labelling? It's a single market they cannot do it. They should opt out from everything. And good for them to do so, the reasons of the "remain" supporters are stupid, the Guardian, the newspaper that wants Britain to take more refugees etc. invented that the swiss feel miserable outside the EU, it's untrue, it's the greek and the portuguese that feel miserable, and told them, the Guardian journalists "Don't leave, we're miserable, you'll end up like us" and why don't they join the EU if they like it so much? They don't because the whole remain campaign is without a shred of motivation, the EU is failed ever since they decided not to respect the Dublin Treaty, which was the one that made the Schengen Treaty possible, without Dublin is a continuous invasion and this is what the EU masons want, because they want total, global ethnical mix, and they betrayed the EU opening the borders and helping the human smugglers instead of fighting against them as a matter of fact, but now they have touched the copper wire: Israel. And the britons will follow their rich life outside, with their foreign policy pro-Israel and pro-USA. This is the end my friend. You've been wrong for the last time.