Assassin's Creed: In Israel to incite to the homicide of non Jews is not a crime.

First the link, so you believe me Israeli Court: book on killing non jews not incitement to violence . In the photo above a monument in honour to freemasonry in the building of the pious antiracist Supreme Court of Rothschild/Israel whose creed is: To kill people who are not jews is not a sin or a crime while the non jews must be arrested for criticizing or even naming too often the jews or saying that the jews and freemasonry have something to do with one another no matter the horrible monument above.
The Israeli High Court has stated that the teachings of some extremist rabbis on killing non jewish people not being a crime do not constitute incitement to violence and racial hatred. This is why israeli soldiers execute palestinians casually on the street, it's their creed, an assassin's creed: to kill people who are not in my ethnic religious group is nothing wrong. An assassin's creed that's got its high priests: the extremist rabbis.
I don't care about the rabbis, I care about the judges of the High Court, because either they believe people like me, I'm not a jew, can be assassinated or they push for extreme freedom of speech, and then I want also David Irving and the Holocaust deniers out of jail because they are nothing worse, probably much more moderate in comparison to the extremist israeli rabbis. I want a petition to set Irving free and extreme freedom of speech also for the christians and for the muslims or the atheists, for all: I can't tolerate this double standard and I believe Israel won't reach the end of the world. They'll die before seeing the Antichrist; they hate everybody, they've got no friends, they promote and tolerate extreme racial and religious hatred and they talk shamelessly about killing non jews is like killing animals.
Please, Obama and Kerry, you who've got the power in the USA, stop giving aid to this crazy guys until they swallow what they said, every single word of what they said, crazy rabbis included, because the both of you are no jews too. Like I am not a jew, like the palestinians are not jews, now stop: they are wrong till the point I doubt of their sanity. Anyway, I may accept that the rabbis can say what they like for freedom of speech but then I want David Irving out of jail and extreme free speech also for the antisemitic. They have to stop and the UK hasn't got to defend them or to shut up to cover the shame.
David Irving in comparison to them is a saint. I want freedom of speech for all, antisemitic included. Far right wingers included. And the masons should be burnt down inside their horribly kitsch lodges and the rabbis too. And I don't give a damn.
For this is an assassin's creed.Assassin'screed