Bombshell: Eric de Rothschild and Rita Katz connected to Bataclan shooting.

Israeli media, The Times of Israel, report: french jewish community informed of an imminent terror attack in Paris by the responsible for the security of the french jewish community. ERoth
The responsible for the security of the french jewish community is Eric de Rothschild. Who, informed the jewish community, but not the french security. Why?
Moreover the Bataclan had been property of the french jewish brothers Pascal and Joel Laloux who sold it in september 2015 for a fortune to emigrate to Israel and become israelis, the Bataclan was theater of mass shootings in november, just two months later. Did they know it? were they warned that something bad was about to happen? The HyperCacher where Coulibaly did another massacre in January the same day of the Charlie Hebdo's attacks was also property of a french jew who also sold it soon before the mass attack to emigrate to Israel.
RitaKatzThe Rita Katz's website SITE gave information of islamic terrorists claiming the responsibility for the Bataclan shooting, the famous Al Qaeda in Yemen (the same Al Qaeda the USA want to help to try and remove Assad btw?) only half an hour after the attack and it already had a cover image for the report, an easy thing,SiteFrance like assassin Creed's videogame, but it's a bit too soon to have watched the news, searched the internet, found the islamist claimants and edited the cover poster all in half an hour (???) This Katz knew it before, like Rothschild...Tell me if all this is even only remotely acceptable. What are they doing?
Eric de Rothschild is similar to the image of the illuminati baron who married a rotten catholic italian black-noble woman, such Beatrice Caracciolo, the same Caracciolo family that in Italy supported the italian left, abortion, gay agenda etc. and among the other abominable things, filled italian museums with total crap that she considers art, she thinks to be an artist herself.
RothshcildShoahHe, the baron, talks a lot about the Shoah and antiracism, obviously, but didn't bother to inform the police of the imminent terror attack in Paris, he informed the jewish community on friday morning, the attacks would happen on friday evening/night, this means he knew precisely when it would happen and the Times of Israel had to re-edited the cover story about this information to make it seem less "precise" and more vague.

Rita Katz's got a sort of contract with ISIS to get the information before the others, no reason why ISIS should use an american jewish journalist to spread its voice and not muslim ones, moreover some of the videos were found to be fake.
The only innocent jews in all this story are the journalists of the Time of Israel who actually told everybody Rothschild and the jews living in Paris knew on friday morning what would happen on friday night, but didn't tell the others. The blogger VigilantCitizen has illustrated the cover of the Economist owned always by the Rothschild family were two arrows hint at the 11 and 13 2015, the Paris shootings happened on friday 13 nov. - 11th month of the year - So the Rothschild "illuminati" clan knew about it very precisely. 

Not only, if you enlarge the image, you'll see a little pig near David Cameron, which means that also the pig-gate was already premeditated and organized by the "illuminati" Rothschild clan and the two arrows are near a little girl that looks like Alice and an important picture to be found at the Louvre in Paris. As for Alice it may be me and the bloggers and writers against the illuminati who consider themselves a sort of "Alice freed from wonderland".