Breaking Point: Cameron accepts Brexit probably better for Britain.

David Cameron has "conceded" that in Brussels they play too much the deaf to the british requests and that he himself may campaign for Leave.
RutteCameronYes, in Brussels they are clueless. In other periods of our history I might have thought they were playing the fool, now I think they are not smart at all, because in the way they "play the fool" there's no real point: they are mediocre people put there to do a job much bigger than they. Like Draghi, like Mogherini, like Juncker.
They talk about letting Turkey in the EU included the eurozone and this will consequently destroy the eurozone completely instead of restoring it, which thing maybe is impossible, moreover this will destroy also the economies of the non eurozone countries, giving to all the new poor europeans the right to access british benefits' system no matter that the Turks are 82 millions plus the millions bulgarians etc, in the end for Brussels it is acceptable and good that 60 million Britons pay for the never-ending maintenance of around 120 million europeans who are unemployed, single mothers and jobseekers. It means that in these universities where they study EU rules they don't study mathematics.
The EU ruined Greece, Cyprus, Finland, is about to ruin Portugal, it's the EU the problem, they have no clue about anything. Denmark is saved by the right wing party and it's about time the other countries save themselves from these idiots in Brussels.
Obviously the Briton cannot pay. Step out.
Mark Rutte, the dutch PM is rumoured to have said to Cameron "you cannot be serious". I mean, Mark, wake up, you cannot be serious. Is Holland about to pay for the millions of unemployed whom the "good" EU commissioners and Merkel want to let in and have already let in? Pay.
Honestly "you cannot be serious" is big. All the Turks, the refugees, the eastern european countries, the new Eurozone poor from Greece and the South, you must be drunk, this is the real answer. And why hasn't Draghi been sacked after this mega failure? because it's not the austerity really, even the countries that respect the austerity rules, like Finland, inside the eurozone are getting poor, so it's Draghi's and the ECB's fault and the fact that these people cannot be sacked is the main unacceptable element of the entire EU and the main reason why we must leave.
I told you, do like Kristian (Thulesen Dahl). I don't call him King Kristian for respect of the real Monarch of Denmark, Margaret. If he lived in a Republic, I would.