Dear Readers, message from the Editor...

Dear Readers,
I'm Paola the editor and I have to inform you that I will close the comments board because it actually doesn't work, and moreover I've got to change e-mail, because it doesn't work and as for the contact form, idem.
My father sent me an e-mail but it didn't reach me and I have understood that either you don't leave comments or they just don't get published, I had set the option of automatic publishing without pre-moderation so the discussion would be quicker and you could discuss without me constantly attached at the screen for the sake of moderating, moreover I don't like moderation very much and I cannot do live moderation for I have a life, but the criteria changed by default. Now either I decide for this blog or I prefer to block the comment board instead of allowing someone else doing the selection, I am sorry, I may accept you don't leave comments but if it is the comments board that doesn't work I prefer to close it than to make you think I quarrel about freedom of speech and freedom of opinion and then don't let you criticize me - or praise me - or contributing.
Also my twitter profile is somewhat "dead" I don't know whether to keep it for the presence on internet, as a form of publicity, or to delete it.
I just want you to know, that I just don't get e-mails or don't get all of them and comments it's not me "too posh" to answer or to let you criticize me. I wish this website to work better.
Merry Christmas Time
I just found a comment in pre-moderation queue that said Luther was antisemitic and wanted to kill the Jews, I didn't censor it, I really wanted the live discussion without pre-moderation it's this system that changes the settings by default. I would never censor it, I like people free to say what they like, F&FW is not about censoring it is about being free to say what you think. I am sorry, believe me, I'm the last person on earth who wouldn't let you say what you think.  I hope things will go better in the future.
Merry Christmas Time. Again.