DOUBLE SCANDAL: Erdogan refurbished ISIS with Gas Sarin and John McCain blocked American Pilots from bombing ISIS Oil tanks.

Author: Maurizio Blondet. Italian Original Article
Translation by Paola Distilo.
ErenErdemIt is affirmed by Eren Erdem (in the photograph), exponent of the turkish opposition and member of the Republican Party of the People. He exhibited in the Parliament a copy of a criminal dossier (2013/120) opened by the Attorney General of the town of Adana, with wiretappings between turkish agents and a Hayyam Kasap, of Al Qaeda, who allegedly has obtained gas sarin.  "The telephone calls reveal all the details", Erdem said to RT: "how it had to be prepared ( the gas), the content of the laboratories, the sources of the materials, the dates, the camions used. And despite all the suspects were released".
It's probably that one the gas used during the chemical attack of the 21 august 2013 in Ghouta, in Syria, that killed we don't know how many people (figures vary from 280 to 1500) and of which Assad was accused: "he gases his own people!", said Obama filled with indignation, together with Hollande and Cameron. Prophetical, Obama had already from august 2012 indicated as "red line" for a possible armed intervention against Syria precisely the use of chemical weapons: here therefore how it was justified the military intervention of the West against Damascus...foiled the way we know.
Now, the turkish politician instead says that Assad is innocent of the carnage; that the involvement of Turkey was confirmed by an enquiry of the Adana's Attorney, that conducted investigations gathered wiretappings and arrested 13 suspects; but one week later the enquiry was stopped and the 13, released, crossed in a hurry the border between Turkey and Syria.
According to Erdem, Obama knew it. Better, also the "european institutions. All the materials come from Europe".
There must be something true, because MP Erdem was incriminated by the turkish government of Treason..

McCain Blocked the bombings of the Tanks.

"The pilots who flew over Iraq and Syria let the news filtrate whispering: they flew over convoys of tanks large four lanes (ISIS oil).. big parking areas full of hundreds of Humvees, Abrams, artilleries, motor vehicles...and 'look at it but don't touch it' order of the Pentagon".
To frustrate the pilots allegedly was "Senator John McCain and Right wing fanatics. McCain is the president of the powerful Commission for the Armed Service" and therefore has a voice in it. Now USA pilots saw that in a few weeks the russian aviation blew up hundreds of tanks, and got demoralized. Gordon Duff reports it on the New Eastern Outlook.
Maybe it's untrue. But maybe the case was that our government asked Obama: are we sure that we are all fighting against ISIS? Isn't it the case that our 450 then will find themselves fighting against Russia and Syria? What can you tell us about the coalition of 34 states 34 headed by Saudi arabia against ISIS? Won't it be against Iran instead?
After all Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman of minister Lavrov, asked if, when Obama talked about "surgical bombings" against ISIS, he meant plastic or cosmetic surgery. But we are not allowed to be so impertinent. There would be to be expected the answer of Linas Linkevicius, even more irritated: "If there are countries that want one more control we do it, but I believe we'll proceed with the already decided agreement".