Feminists go cheaper and cheaper, heckling, hauling, trying to censor people against abortion.

At Planned parenthood they do kill babies, 6 months from the conception is a baby and planned parenthood doctors and women are assassins - the butcher type -. No matter if an assassin gets killed, he remains an assassin, he doesn't become good because he died. He's only dead.
I won't stop saying they kill unborn babies because they do. Late term abortion is killing a baby because he's ill and his mother doesn't want the burden of an ill child: this is it. I'm against killing people because they're ill. I am for banning abortions.
The rest of the abortions is women having sex and not wanting the baby so go and get rid if him when it is in their womb. Otherwise we may change the abortion law and state that only raped women or women about to die for the pregnancy can have a legal abortion. The rest, the cheap whores who have sex, without condom or forget the pill or the pill doesn't work and want to kill the baby they must keep him, ok? Don't mix sluts and victims. A slut is responsible of she does. And I say what I like.