French, do like the Danes and you'll have a total blue government. Save Europe.

The French and the Danes have got a lot of things in common. The danish royal family speaks french at home and they are related to Normandie. The scandinavian are more overwhelmingly protestant while the french are catholic and protestant and now also muslim etc. but really they go about very well. I may tell you secrets of history, like the lover of the Queen of France used to be the Duke of Normandie, even if at the time he was a sort of englishman, or that Princess Marie of Denmark is french or french swiss, anyway. Good news if the French do like the Danes and vote Right Wing, I mean Le Pen Le Pen and form  a "true blue" government with Sarko, like Kristian Thulesen Dahl with Rasmussen.
True Blue, baby I love you.
Save Europe'll never walk alone.

To all the "europhiles", if they still exist, the Danes are very happy independent from Brussels and outside the eurozone, where I wish we'll all go.
And for the Queen of France lover's thing, ok, I know that people shouldn't have lovers, psss...maybe it was just a gossip..
Come on girls and boys, vote Right and we get rid of the dirt of the EU. It's in your hands, set yourselves free. We'll follow.
Here's Thulesen Dahl singing "You'll never walk alone". Save France and the real Europe.