Gun control means you cannot defend yourself, but, if you're lucky, you don't get shot.

Gun control is wrong because it takes away the right to self defence. You just have got to be lucky, or unlucky like it happened in the Paris shootings, to get or not to get shot by a criminal or a terrorist who, anyway, for some reasons the state and the police always fail to explain, has got a lot of semi-automatic rifles, guns etc. all the same, because gun control is for you, not for the terrorists and criminals. Do you trust so much the State? I don't. I live in Italy where mafia gangsters have plenty of firearms and the italian state plays the fool about it, mafia men bully, do bully, ok? they don't protect anyone and stop with this farce, the other citizens and the state doesn't give the citizens the right to defend themselves nor defend them as a state with its means, the police, 80% of them, they just want their wage and no trouble.
 So, please stop with this gun control sympathy; it's sympathy for the devil.

In France? There is gun control, there are a lot of liberal leftists etc. and they got massacred the same by the islamists, if not by someone else, who had kalashnikovs in abundance taken probably while the "Holy" State that want gun control pretended not to see. Kalashnikovs aren't caramels I don't believe they're so hard to see...and it's France, the developed, "nice" till yesterday, France and it happened already twice, Charlie Hebdo and the latest Paris chaotic shooting.

In China the government has actually enslaved the citizens, now the chinese are finally allowed to make two children, till a month ago, the state could impose the number of children or women got arrested by the police that should defend them.
No, I don't trust the State, I'd rather have the right to self defence and guns rights, fullstop. When the state is then represented by a Hillary Clinton who asks money to all the lobbies to be elected, when the liberal lefty press that pushes strongly for gun control is owned by israeli bankers and financiers,
Rothschild and Soros, who have left the palestinians without guns and now the israeli police kill them
 because they brand a knife without even bother to arrest them, children included, why on earth, on this earth, should I trust them and gun control? In Denmark, Finland and Switzerland there are gun rights and there are no mass shootings. Moreover the media do not tell the number of mafia killings and police abuse in gun control areas. In Southern Italy, in my own province, one year we had 100 homicides in the first three months, January, February and March, which means 1 homicide each day. The italian state is rotten and people who shoot the mafiosi for self defence get arrested, because the italian state doesn't really allow real self defence to its own citizens and mafia is helped by freemasonry from inside the state so they can go on. It's a rotten state and Renzi thinks about giving €500 to each italian who turns eighteen to spend them in museum and "culture" this is like buying votes, he's an asshole, while the other italians have the crisis and the austerity he chooses a class of italians to whom giving money in the hope to get enough votes to be elected, which hopefully won't happen. First he gave monthly €80 more  to the middle class, letting the pennyless and poor stay pennyless and poor, now he wants to throw away €500 only for the 18 years old, is this a man who can fight ISIS or mafia? He's trying to please one category of italians just to be elected letting the others with nothing. Keep the guns. And if you're not italian, keep the guns the same. Soros, Obama donor, wants you to stay without guns, so they can finally do to you what in Israel are doing to the palestinians,

police and army heavily armed everywhere and disarmed palestinians deported, shot in the streets "because they brand a pair of scissors" even children and even for no reason; this is Soros, this is Rothschild, the owners of the lefty press that want gun control and give the billions to Israel. What did I tell you? If they could, they would do to us what they're doing to the palestinians, they simply hate everybody who's not a jew and use the masons to bring about their destruction plan.