Iain Duncan Smith is going to support the out-of-the EU campaign. He's the very best: it means Brexit is certainly better for UK economy.

Little Englander?

Italian gone crazy in thirst of revenge against the EU? (me btw)
Iain Duncan Smith is everything but that. He supports Brexit because the economic contingency is risky and Britain will be better off outside the EU. Really. It's not a tough right wing hardliners game and not a hard left wing anti-banking rant, it's a poised Gentleman, one of the most serious and moral Work and Pensions Secretary who never gave a rant in his life and yes, Brexit is better, much better because at the EU are just able to make countries and economies go rotten. He could also be a good PM after Cameron. I'd vote him, he's poised. And he knows what he's talking about when he talks about handling people's taxes. At the EU they are confusionary, corrupted and unfair. They even have lost track of money given in aid projects to depressed areas and now don't know where those money have gone, what projects they have become. Osborne should think twice before supporting staying in, in my opinion, morally, he cannot do it: in Brussels they overspend and lose track of millions in aid projects, projects that are not to be seen anywhere: this is African Banana Republic level, they are probably lost in bribing local mafias and politicians, the EU budget is everything but crystal clear, to the people who want to control the budget they have told there are around 20 million euros lost. Osborne, you do the cuts to the british taxpayers...
The European Union is a fairy tale gone bad: it does not work, you know it's not Farage's or Nick Griffin's fault, they are given power over too much money and have neither morality nor enough capabilities to use them properly.
Miss Mogherini receives € 200.000,00 annual wage and the other eurocrats are no less well paid, but they have told lately they cannot tackle the refugee crisis, cannot tackle the human smugglers, the only solution they can see is...to open the doors of Europe and let all the refugees in so the refugees don't have to pay the smugglers: this is their capability in tackling clandestine immigration, this is why you have the jungle in Calais. They take the money but cannot or don't want to do the job. They should be sacked, immediately, but they are un-sackable. Mario Draghi another euro-monster said he would save...the Greek? No, the euro, whatever it takes. It took transforming the Greek into a poor people poorer than south americans and he did it. To save the euro, a currency, they generated a population of poor, this is precisely everything that's wrong with the EU-euro system.
I've got nothing against Farage's style and I think Nick Griffin is quite funny when you hear him talk, even though he's an extremist in his point of view, but I thank God people like Duncan Smith have come down in the middle of the battle to save Britain, because the Britons need a person with that cool "steely" style, the upper class will trust him more. And yes, Brexit is better for the british finances, the EU not only is in a mess now, it's going to be in a worse mess in the near future with these Mogherini and Juncker claiming they are going to let in the refugees so they won't have to pay the smugglers and will put obviously everybody at taxpayers' expenses.
Osborne, think twice, if you cannot really campaign for leaving, at least, shut up. But an osbornite, Priti Patel, is likely to campaign for Leaving, she's insecure anyway, but after what she wrote on the book, a bit insultive I'm afraid, Britannia Unchained, she cannot stay in this EU and Cameron got nothing to bargain from Brussels, but another bill. To pay.
Sir Iain Duncan Smith can lead the Leave Campaign, he'll convince the cold anti-emotional Britain while Farage thinks about the guts. And together will give the image of a wide society that doesn't want to be fooled any more by Brussels. It's about the money, they really trick money and over spend, Mogherini spent € 1 million to buy new plates and glasses for the dinners of the EU commission, they treat themselves as if they were a new aristocracy that can do what they like with taxes. Osborne cannot be on their side and Duncan Smith, God bless, will say the serious things with that serious look that Farage unfortunately lacks even when he's telling seriously true things. It's not his fault.