If the UK wants a war this time it'll have a real one.

The game is almost over. Cameron wants an easy war, like he had in Libya: a couple of air strikes, everything destroyed in another people's country and his own soldiers safe. Then, Gaddafi was over but nothing good substituted him. The same might happen in Syria, but this time Russia and probably China and Iran are against toppling the President. Erdogan is engaged in a very dangerous double game and Israel is likely to be a double gamer too. Russia isn't.
Cameron will have a real war and his soldiers may die too and they may die for nothing: for toppling Assad.
David Cameron
Assad accused of butchering his own people - which is blatantly false - while the british PM shakes hands with real rich muslim integralists.
What will Cameron do when Russia and Erdogan will be one against the other? He doesn't know it, maybe he will retire his troops, but in a war you know when you enter, but you can't decide to exit when you like.
I'd suggest not to enter at all with all these liars and snakes on the ground.
But if Cameron wants the war, he'll have a real one. The time of the easy butchery in the Middle East where the West can bomb everywhere and it's the others, the middle eastern civilians, who pay the bill is over.
Corbyn apparently doesn't want to take the responsibility to decide and block the government. Go and bomb and you'll reap what you seed, because this war is not a video game.