Israel: Ashkenazi Jews sterilize the black Jews, and poison palestinian land. Maybe Obama hates Netanyahu for these reasons.

It's no secret anymore, not only Obama personally dislikes Netanyahu, but the NSA spies on him and the Israeli government.
We thought it was about the Iran deal, but if we look more closely at the israeli situation there are more than one reasons for which Obama should be enemy of Israel. In Israel the white ashkenazi supremacists who control entirely the government injected a long term contraceptive into somali-jewish women sterilizing them without their consent and telling them that if they don't take the shots they would be impeded from moving to the promised land while the other jews can move to the "promised land" without being sterilized. Another thing that may disgust Obama, who's even suspected to be a hidden muslim, is that the israelis are sterilizing also palestinian territories spreading a poison on the Gaza stripe that kills the crops and creates a desert, so the palestinians cannot do the farmers on their own piece of land.
The Balfour declaration maybe is all wrong, maybe it should have been written differently, but written as it is it does not give the land to the jews only, it states that the arab population haven't got to lose their rights over the territory even if the jews do the jewish state. The israelis despise the britons who helped them, they believe the land belongs to them because God gave them, then they can do without the britons' and Obama's help and rely on God only (if God likes them). They rely on the jewish lobby in Washington instead and on the stupid "friends of Israel" spread across the globe, in the UK particularly. I'm ashamed of the power of freemasonry and the jewish lobby in Europe and the USA, they can bring our politicians to do the opposite of our interests in a way that's humiliating for my intelligence: "why do they obey only for the sake of not being called anti-semitic?". But Obama doesn't mind being called anti-semitic: he despises Netanyahu who's known as a liar and Israel has become the kingdom of false flags. The last is israeli colonels training ISIS fighters, but even 9/11 in reality is strongly rumoured to have been done with agents of the Mossad filling the twin towers of explosives to make them fall in perpendicular and the agents had the cover up job of workers inside the buildings. You know what? I don't want to be accused of being a conspiracy theorist, so I tell Obama and Kerry what I told Putin about the illuminati aristocrats: "You can check it." the FBI have got the files because these israeli citizens were captured in NY and interrogated then released against the FBI opinion, order of a Bush Jr. clan member, and the guilt fell on the muslims. Check the facts  you who've got the means, I'm sick of trying to convince people, you want to know the truth? Check the truth from inside the White House, you've got the means to see if it is true. The poor state victim of the holocaust has become the state of the assassins and the racists who sterilize the black. I want a bit of satisfaction, I believe Obama not only doesn't care about Israel, he's not going to be criticized because he's black and the pc crowd, ignorant and stupid will shut up until Netanyahu gets green, because they're not like me and you or Donald Trump who say what they really think, they don't think, they take orders and between a jew and a black quarreling and trying to destroy one another they shut up. Or better, they are likely to support Obama. Because he's black obviously, to ask them to support him because he's right would be asking too much. I believe the flood of money towards Israel must end, they really are doing crimes against other human beings because of their skin colour or religion. It is evident.