Jewish american Minister of the Treasury tries to force USA and Europe to prolong sanctions against Russia. But not Israel.

It's getting tiring and boring, if you woke up I could take a rest. Now the Treasury of the USA is in the hands of the ashkenazi jews. This guy, Adam Szubin friend of Israel and enemy of Europe and USA is rounding every corner of Europe to force us prolong the sanctions against Russia, but not Israel, so Israel can go on selling goods and making money, a lot of money, trading with Russia, we shouldn't.
Do you think he forgot Israel? No. He doesn't want to damage the israeli economy cutting away the important russian market. People must tell him: either Israel participates to the russian embargo too or we don't do it either. And stop. They are disgusting. The number of israeli lobbyists in the american administration and government is shameful, in Britain Lord Rothschild behaves like the "Lupus" that illness that devours the human body from the inside destroying the functional organs piece after piece. They have no gratitude for anyone they treat the white anglo-saxons who
  1. Gave them Palestine and this was probably an error.
  2. Set them free from Auschwitz.
Well, they treat them like Udo Voigt and the german naziskins, not even a little bit better. Voigt may say "They deserve it" (the english)  but really it's impressive how people who've lived in Britain haven't got any attachment for it. Now they want to prohibit Christmas and start the gender reassignment around 6 years old giving hormones to block or retard the natural puberty to children under ten, children who will never be healthy grown ups with this "therapy". And the Britons? All but the BNP seem inclined to accept it. I'd vote BNP, not because I don't like the pakistani british, who must organize to protect their children from this gender dysphoria perversion, but because the Tories and the Labour are there ready to accept whatever, and I say whatever, Rothschild owned freemasonry orders them.
As an italian I want a right wing party that does a pact with the italian muslims to block the gender and LGBT craziness. I don't really care about having a "white" party, in Italy we are italians we never talk about ourselves as "white" when I say "white" I refer almost always to the american and british situation. Farage may organize a right wing non-exclusively white party because this LGBT must be stopped, but as a european I totally forgive people who vote for far right wing parties like the german NPD or the british BNP: they are really attacking children and the little bourgeois, the stupid primary school teachers are ready to accept also this.
Only the tough right wingers, Udo's skinheads, fascists and muslims will say no. It's time to organize seriously. In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit we must find an alliance also with the muslims against the LGBT.