Luther will save Europe again. No Mohammed and no masons will prevail.

This is a christian country. Is this not true?
I'd rather answer: this is a protestant country so I say what the hell I like and f*** off.
To the feminists to the lesbians, to Caitlyn Jenner, to the Pope, to the Jesuits, to the illuminati. I say what I like, I give my interpretation of the Bible. And do you know what it is?
  1. Caitlyn Jenner is a castrated male who fancies to be a woman.
  2. Children must be adopted only by married heterosexual couples.
  3. Abortion is just killing the babies people don't want until they are in their mothers' wombs.
  4.  Sunday work is not "freedom to work on sunday" is just stealing the right to sunday free from the workers who want it and are not in a position to get it.
I'm astonished at the UK. They have fought against catholic saints for keeping the right to have a free opinion and now they are surrendering to the jesuits and the masons because some "vulnerable" whores cry in Cambridge that Germaine Greer tells them castrated males who think to be women are not women. And when they are told "This is not a christian country" they should say: "This is a protestant country and I say what the hell I like".
After not accepting the dogmas when they were probably true or 80% true, now they are about to accept masonic false dogmas like "homosexuality is not an abnormal condition" "sex and reproduction have nothing to do with one another" and so on.
Now it is worthy being protestant, now with this pope and the monkeys projected on Saint Peter's cathedral, and the total apostasy of the catholic high clergy and not for the jews or the protestants or the muslims, no, but for excess of homosexuals in the vatican and among the jesuits and for a masonic takeover. Now it's about time to say we're protestant, which doesn't mean that real catholics haven't got to pray the Hail Mary if they like, it means the stubborn radical refusal to accept the new dogmas these f****ing jesuits who entered the catholic church to destroy it want to give: the gender, the gay weddings and so on.
A catholic writer in Italy, Blondet that I sometimes translate, wrote on his italian website: "I'm almost happy. All this is going to end. Good Jubilee" and added this photograph as a comment to the end of the Catholic Church as we knew it:
I've got nothing to do with this. I declared myself protestant some times ago and the triumph of the monkey on Saint Peter, no. I'll never accept it.
After all I was called Paola for  Saint Paul. I'm against gay weddings, but also against gay bullying, and believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ, the monkey I leave it to Bergoglio.
Blondet is almost desperate, like many other real catholics, what has happened inside Saint Peter's church is beyond redemption, he complained that Bergoglio, ironically called "El Papa", said not to convert the Jews. I mean, the Jews? It's the catholics who'll go away what do you want these people to be able to convert? Hail Mary, the Jews didn't convert seeing "La Pietà" by Michelangelo and no, I don't believe they'll convert after seeing the monkey, they have their own books. Because at least the Jews read. If you can read italian I give you the link to the catholic italian despair of Blondet click here
Luther will save Europe, again. And maybe will save also the catholic church, if the masons leave something of it. Stand for freedom of talk, of reading what you like, of discussion, of opinion: this is a protestant country. And I'm talking about Italy.
I know Blondet won't agree with this, but the Catholic Church has just self destroyed, Italy mustn't pay for the sins of the Vatican. We must split from it without splitting from Jesus Christ, it's good for the Church too. I personally have already split from it. I don't pay for this. Stay away because God is the God of Abraham, the God of the Old Testament, Father of Jesus Christ Our Lord and I think it's better not to be in a communion with the clergy who did this apostasy because if you are in a communion with them you risk you'll have to pay for their sins together with them like the french aristocracy during the french revolution. After all it's the clergy that did it.