Merry Christmas in this Joke of a Christian Country.

Merry Christmas

This is my Christmas Postcard, it's for you all F&FW Readers. You can see the Christmas Tree, so it is definitely christmassy.
Now I have to talk about Cameron. He said "This (Britain) is a christian country etc." He did it on purpose and I understand it. I know the thought that underlines that, it's the same thought I often have into my mind:
"If I go the hell, I don't go to hell for apostasy". maybe I'll go to hell because yes, I can't stand the immigrants, it's true you must have noticed it. But for apostasy I don't like it, it doesn't make sense. When they tell you you are not good enough for being christian and when they tell you you christians killed people and when they insist you are all hypocrites, in the end we never said we are good, we always said God is good and we never said we'll be saved for our own actions but for Christ's blood. And I understand Cameron. I'll try to do my best, but I'm not going to go to hell for apostasy too.
Merry Christmas.