My Positivist Friends, would Lord Black save us from Caitlyn Jenner?

Dear Freedom lovers and friends, yesterday I was thinking about the dominance of Caitlyn Jenner on the mass media and at the same time about the destiny of Lord Black, The Lord Conrad Moffat Black of Crossharbour. He was a powerful guy, very influential in the mass media world. He was jailed for tax evasion, fraud or something of the kind, a "clean" matter of money. In any case, Lord Black was ousted from the mass media world whereas he used to control 75 among the most important media outlets, included the Telegraph and the Jerusalem Post.
Now, Lord Black was included in the list of the most powerful globalists by the anti-illuminati anti-freemasonry authors, see for example "Freemasonry and Secret Sects" by Epiphanius and was even reported to be in the steering group of the Bilderberg, friend and companion of David Rockefeller. So, what happened? The Bilderberg was probably purged of the elements who couldn't accept the new line the superior level of the illuminati wanted to impose to world culture. What have you noticed lately in the corporate media? The corporate media depend on the Bilderberg decision, so what's different from the nineties and the first part of the 2000 decade? The obsession, almost exclusive with gay weddings, homosexuality and transgenderism.
The illuminati, or at least the Bilderbergers, used to be men who knew how to have fun. Play Boy style, beautiful wives, stunning lovers, supermodels now they have the girl with a beard and Caytlin Jenner, I mean from Carla & Claudia to the girl with a beard... the illuminati or at least the bilderbergers of the past decade were luckier and straighter now the new fashion is not only "open" to the eventual homosexuals, it is blatantly against heterosexuality, beautiful women and masculinity: they are pushing gay and trans culture while prohibiting what they call heterosexism, which is normal average heterosexuality. Look at the Pirelli Calendar, from this year the illuminati have prohibited the exhibition of beautiful bodies, instead of the sexy, stunning girls there are plainly ugly old creepy bodies of women who should better cover up.
This is a punishment for rich boys too. They haven't got to be playboys, they've got to be gays. The expulsion of Lord Black from the media corporations preceded the advent of Caitlyn Jenner and the cancellation of page three, the Pirelli Calendar with the ugly ones and apart from some articles on the Telegraph no media outlet aside from the internet dared and speak out against it. If they could do what they did to The Lord Black of Crossharbour imagine what could they do to a simple journalist.
What they did with trangenders is extreme, now in the State of New York it is obligatory to refer to trans-people as they wish independently from the sex, they can have the penis and be called Madam, they can even be referred to with a plural pronoun "they" "them" if they identify with both sexes and people have to pretend they are two.
This is totally against my positivist view; why doesn't the materiality have to count? Why should I call madam a person with the masculine genitals who, sexually aroused, ejaculates sperm? He's a man who fancies to be a woman, he's not a woman, even less two people, under any respect.
To force people go after their idea to be of the opposite sex of the genetic one is like forcing people to abandon the Positivist philosophy or the christian religion to embrace forcefully the animist religion. And if you don't convert, they want to arrest you or you have to pay the "jitsa" a tax in money muslim integralists make christians or non muslim people pay for not converting to Islam.
This is it. Maybe Lord Black would have saved us from Caitlyn Jenner and maybe he was ousted from the Bilderberg and the media world for this reason, but we positivist western christians must win just the same.