Ntkozo Qwabe is an ISIS sympathizer, he must be deported.

Ntkozo Qwabe wrote plainly that the french don't deserve compassion for the Paris massacre because of their racist past. He actually did apology of the Bataclan shootings. No matter who was in the club, he hates them: the white, the french, kind of "deserved it". Or didn't he? I link again the MailOnline article where his internet public rants are quoted. If he were a muslim working in a kebab pub or living on benefits he would be publicly accused of supporting ISIS, he's in Oxford. And then? Obviously he's an ISIS sympathizer, he thinks all white men must die like Bahar Mustafa of the other lefty university, the Goldsmith, but probably being an ISIS apologist he thinks also white women have to die and deserve no mercy: This people hate us and you cannot treat them differently only because they are at university.
I quoted in another article the jewish rabbis who said and even wrote, signed and published a book where they teach jews that killing non-jews is not a crime. These people exist: 
Bahar Mustafa #KillAllWhiteMen
Ntkozo Qwabe "the french flag is like the nazi flag (...) I don't accept white supremacists (the french, I suppose) to tell me which is terrorism while normalizing their own terrorism". This is apology of terrorism, ok?
Rabbi Ishmael Levitts "The white must experience a genocide or we'll never have justice".
Our representatives must defend us, because these people hate us and use our liberal laws to incite hatred against us. Us means french, italians, britons all of us.
They can't really blame us for we want to vote Donald Trump or Berlusconi/Salvini or Mesdames Le Pen!
While white christian people have been accused of hate speech for much lighter sentences, the jews, the arabs and the black feel entitled to hate speech and crime apology. This must end. The problem is not me, you know, I'd vote, not only Marine or Marion Le Pen, I'd vote J.M Le Pen if necessary for my security. I don't want to blow up. In the italian press we have photographs of a nice italian student, lefty, who blew up in the Bataclan attack, she belonged to the lefty/communistoid Emergency organization- which I hate usually - and her father was rumoured to be quite important a freemason. Do you know why I tell you? Because the leftists will die too for their own open society/open doors obsession and I won't be glad about it having to share Italy with them for the rest of my permanence in Italy! But I have the guts to support Trump, Le Pen, Berlusconi/Meloni/Salvini, they don't, they better die but don't close the doors as they are victims of the swedish phobia of being called racist, phobia we haven't got.
There is something the leftists must write in capital letters in their minds: the haters of the West hate all the westerners, leftists included, because they are fuelled with stories about fascism/nazism/colonialism/racism so for them "Valeria" or I is the same. 
These people who push the hate-for-the-white agenda must be expelled from all western countries, if they are south-africans or egyptians or jews it's immaterial, they must have the visa taken back and be deported. If they already have the citizenship must be arrested or put under control of the police. Theresa May and Cameron, can you hear me?
Manuel Valls? Renzi?
I'd vote Trump and Berlusconi the same, but I want you to see yourselves the way I see you for once. George Soros said that the OpenSociety must go on even if the islamists kill us. But he has bodyguards, he is out of his senses. There are white haters, fuelled of hate for all the white, him Soros included, by the lefty historians and intellectuals who now are reaping what they seeded with us right wingers in the middle - we wouldn't let all these people in, honestly, that's easy, but that's it -. Soros he himself has some more protection than others, but I wouldn't feel very safe if I were him the same, because things are going really nuts. The Bataclan is a club for lefty snobbish kids, his own son might have been there, like there was Valeria, lefty, working for an NGO and daughter of a freemason. They didn't do it on purpose, it just happened. Don't despise right wingers, we more instinctive than you, and we are right.